Armie Hammer Is Forced to Learn Cooking
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After his wife gave birth to their child, the 'Call Me by Your Name' star has become quite the talent in the kitchen.

AceShowbiz - Actor Armie Hammer was forced to learn how to cook for his family after motherhood left his wife too tired to return to her favourite pastime.

Actress-turned-bakery owner Elizabeth Chambers Hammer enjoyed spending time in the kitchen rustling up meals from scratch, but when she gave birth to the couple's first child, daughter Harper, in 2014, she no longer had the energy to feed both her baby and her husband.

"I had cooked for years and years and years... since I was little...," she explained on TV culinary show "The Chew". "We were married for six years before we had children, and I made every meal from scratch every day. Then, when we had our daughter, I think after, like, week two, he thought he was going to starve to death or only eat take out the rest of his life!

"He was like, 'So... are you gonna cook again, ever?' (I was like), 'I have a baby, I am nursing 24/7, you feed you!'"

The "Call Me by Your Name" star stepped up to the challenge and found a few easy recipes, and now Armie has become quite the talent in the kitchen.

"At that point, he kinda figured out how to feed him (sic)," Elizabeth said. "He became really into cooking. He literally could not boil an egg before, and then all of a sudden he's like, master of the omelets, master of the grill... It's been very convenient, I love it!"

Having Armie as an extra chef at home has made it much easier for the couple to host friends and family for get togethers.

"It used to be whenever we had dinner parties, I was like, 'I don't know, we could do three parties, or two parties this week,'" she shared, "and now I'm like, 'Invite whoever you want over, you're doing everything! Go for it!'"

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