The singer-turned-filmmaker says in an interview that he wants to do a follow-up to the documentary because he feels like 'we've just really gotten started.'

AceShowbiz - Michael Bolton is eager to return to Detroit, Michigan to continue the story of the city's revival in a sequel to his new documentary "American Dream: Detroit". He sat down with some of the area's most famous sons and daughters, including musicians Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, and Alice Cooper, to hear their favourite memories of Detroit, which is currently in the midst of a rebuilding period after city officials filed for bankruptcy in 2013.

"We found out that in Detroit, amazing things are happening to create the new Detroit," Bolton shared on chat show "The Talk". "There's a tremendous amount of money, and resources and great people investing in the comeback of Detroit. The more we filmed them, the more attached I became to the individuals and it's been almost five years of filming... There's a very deep personal investment..."

One of the most interesting pieces of information Bolton learned from his celebrity interviews was about "The Godfather" filmmaker Coppola. Branding him one of his "favourite directors of all time", he said, "Why have none of us asked where his middle name came from? He was born in (Henry) Ford Hospital in Detroit."

But Bolton admits the stories he would love to explore further are about everyday people in Motor City, so he's hopeful for a sequel. "There are some great American dream stories in this film," he shared, "and it kinda makes me feel like we've just really gotten started, and we can do follow-ups to this... as it grows."

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