'Hamilton' Star Leslie Odom Jr. Reminds Tom Cruise He Was Fired From 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout'
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Even though he was fired from the latest 'Mission: Impossible' film, the 'Hamilton' star reveals that there was no bad feelings.

AceShowbiz - Leslie Odom Jr. created an awkward moment during a performance at Tom Cruise' Pioneer Award gala in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, April 25, by reminding the star he had been fired from "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" film. The Tony Award-winning "Hamilton" star interrupted his set at the CinemaCon celebration to reveal he missed out on a role in the action blockbuster.

Odom, Jr. revealed he was fired after failing to impress director Christopher McQuarrie following a work-out with a fight co-ordinator. McQuarrie, who was also at the gala, appeared unfazed by the singer and actor's remarks as he stepped up to salute his leading man.

For his part, Leslie insisted there were no bad feelings over his "Mission: Impossible" dismissal, adding he was just glad to be in the same room as Cruise.

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