'The Bachelor' Recap: Arie Finally Meets Families of Final 4 Contestants

Some families give their blessing to the race car driver easily, but some others grill him over his feelings for their girls.

AceShowbiz - Season 22 of "The Bachelor" is about to come to an end as %cArie Luyendyk Jr.% headed to the hometowns of the final four ladies in the Monday, February 19 episode. The race car driver/realtor kicked off the episode of the ABC dating series by visiting the hometown of Kendall in Los Angeles.

During her first-ever one-on-one date, Kendall showed Arie her taxidermy collection which freaked Arie out a little bit. However, the 36-year-old handsome hunk embraced Kendall's quirkiness without much trouble. Kendall later introduced Arie to her parents, her brother and twin sister, Kylie.

Kylie appeared to doubt her sister's feelings toward Arie as Kendall didn't give Arie response when he told her that he was falling for her. Arie, meanwhile, assured Kylie that he had a proposal in mind at the end of the show, wondering whether Kendall was ready to take the next step. While Kylie revealed that Kendall was not ready at the moment, she believed Kendall felt strongly for Arie.

Kendall's father seemingly echoed Kylie's remarks. He didn't think Kendall would accept a proposal at the moment, but should she do, he was willing to support them. Kendall and Arie later had one-on-one talk in which she told him that she shared the same feelings for him.

The next place to visit was Arkansas, Tia's hometown. Before introducing Arie to her parents, brother Jason, aunt and cousin, Tia started their date by taking him to a racetrack to race cars, letting him go back to his element. After meeting the Bachelor, Jason admitted he was nervous because Arie was known for his "playboy" reputation. However, Arie gained his approval after he assured Jason that he was ready for marriage and told him that Tia was the one for him.

Tia's father doubted Arie at first, but later gave the pair his blessing since he trusted his daughter's judgement. He jokingly threatened Arie though, if he hurt his "little girl."

Later in the episode, Arie and Becca went to Minnesota to meet her family. The pair had a romantic stroll through the apple orchard when Arie told Becca that he could imagine spending the rest of his life with her.

Arie later met uncle Gary, a pastor who became a dad figure for Becca after her own father died. He got emotional during his conversation with Arie, and flat-out asked Arie if he was serious with Becca and he said he was. Becca's mother could be seen having a doubt about her daughter's relationship with Arie. But after Becca convinced her that she had strong feelings for Arie, she told him that she would honor whatever choice Becca would make.

The last family to meet was Lauren's family, who was pretty much skeptical. It made Arie nervous, but he was able to bond with Lauren's father afterward. Meanwhile, things were a little bit harder when it came to get blessing from Lauren's mother. She grilled Arie about if he genuinely loves her daughter. When Arie said that his feelings were genuine, Lauren's mom went on questioning if he told the other girls the same thing. Despite the tough meeting, Lauren's parents gave Arie their blessing to propose to Lauren as she trusted Lauren's judgement.

That night's rose ceremony was especially hard for Arie. After gathering his thoughts, he asked Kendall if she was ready to get engaged at the end of the show. Kendall said that she was not ready for an engagement, but assuring Arie that she was falling in love with him. After much consideration, Arie gave his roses to Kendall, Becca and Lauren. Unfortunately, Tia had to pack her belongings.

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