Apink's Naeun Rips Her Pants During Concert, Fans Are Enraged

Fans are upset that people make gifs out of a video of the wardrobe malfunction that Naeun experienced during Apink's concert.

AceShowbiz - %cNaeun% recently suffered a wardrobe malfunction during %cApink%'s "Pink Space" concert. The 23-year-old idol was performing their choreographed dance for "KOK KOK" with her groupmates onstage when her tight leather pants were accidentally ripped on the crotch area.

The unfortunate moment was caught on a video taken by an audience member. Looking flustered for a few seconds, she continued to dance until the end of the song. Naeun even performed a couple more songs before a staff member escorted her off the stage to change her pants.

As if the wardrobe malfunction isn't embarrassing enough, some people decided to spread the news by creating gifs out of the video. This stirred some discussions among fans who think that spreading the clips can be considered as sexual harassment.

"Why are you making a gif out of it... Please don't," one wrote. Another commented, "You took a gif out of a video, isn't this considered sexual harassment?"

Another sympathized fan reacted, "OMG That is somethig nobody wants to happen while cameras are filming and taking pictures in all angles. He must have felt really embarassed." One other similarly commented, "Hul she must've been so taken aback during the stage."

However, some people think it's not a big deal since similar thing often happens to male idols and people usually reacted to the situation differently. "Why don't we react the same way when we see male idols' pants ripping on stage. You guys just laugh it off but it's sexual harassment," one asked.

"once again, everyone is seeing this picture around and making fun of him [%cTVXQ%'s %cU-Know Yunho%] meanwhile naeun fans are asking for everyone to take the video and gif down," another complained about people making fun of Yunho's similar wardrobe malfunction in the past.

"It was awful what happened to her. fans say the backtage's staff went on the stage to get her to change pants. The good thing is that the camera was too far away to reveal more than what was seen," another weighed in. "But I'm hating to see females here making men seem as sexual predators when female fans do love seeing pictures and videos of male idols showing bulges and underwear. Female fans do search for videos and pics of male idols with bulges. Female fans do not have any shame with their appreciation towards the intimate part of a male idol's body."

Someone then tried to explain the different reactions that male idols and female idols received when such things happened. "In the end of the day, people and the male idols themselves use this type of thing to tell in tv shows. Because it's considerated 'funny'. They'll laugh it off and that's it. That's what Yunho did," the fan wrote.

He/she added, "But it's different for women. The type of attention it receives also change. And Naeun is a girl and a more introverted/sensitive person. Her fans know that and that's why they are asking to not spread the videos/gifs. I understand and respect their position. Even though the situations are the same, and the problem itself it's not a big deal, the outcome is different. That's why we can laugh WITH Yunho (putting the haters and perv fans aside) and don't need to go around asking people to not share the pictures, while Naeun's fans think they do."

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