'Narcos' Recasts for Season 4, Adds Michael Pena and Diego Luna

Season 4 will be set in Mexico City and explore the story about the Guadalajara cartel, but it remains to be seen whether Pedro Pascal's Javier Pena will appear in the new season.

AceShowbiz - "Narcos" is making a huge casting shakeup as it has added two stars for its fourth season. Through a teaser, the Netflix drug cartel series announces that the upcoming season will feature %cMichael Pena% ("Ant-Man") and %cDiego Luna% ("Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"). It remains unclear whether %cPedro Pascal%'s character will return to the season.

The 40-second video features a mariachi band as well as a shower of powder. As the band performs a new theme song, "Tuyo" by Rodrigo Amarante, Diego and Michael's names are taking turn to be flickered on the screen.

The new season will be set in Mexico City and is poised to explore the rise of the Guadalajara cartel, the first Mexican drug trafficking group to sync up with the Colombia bosses in the cocaine trade. There is no detail about Diego and Michael's characters.

The first two seasons followed Javier trying to get drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (%cWagner Moura%) in Colombia, while season 3 saw Javier being tasked with taking down the Cali Carter. Fans assume by moving to Mexico, it seems like it shows the end of the story of Pascal's character, fan-favorite DEA agent Javier Pena.

Showrunner Eric Newman says in an interview that the location change "was a part of the plan as early as season 2 [to remove Javier from the storyline]." He adds, "The design was always to finish out the Colombian story and the players that we've come to know there, and start anew in Mexico."

"Everything about Mexican trafficking is closer to home. The proximity, the complexity of the relationship between the two countries," he continues. "Colombia is a sort of remote place to most Americans, who have never been to Colombia or met a Colombian. It was easier to distance ourself from who we thought were the enemy. Mexico is our neighbor and so the ties are deeper."

Season 4 of "Narcos" marks the second time for Michael and Diego working together. The pair previously collaborated in Luna's movie "Cesar Chavez".

"Narcos" returns for season 4 sometimes in 2018.

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