Wanna One's Kang Daniel Attends Fan Meeting Despite Bad Health

In a fan-captured video, the center of Wanna One states that he goes to a salon before the event to make himself look less sick in front of fans.

AceShowbiz - Despite his poor health, %cKang Daniel% still made an appearance at the "Play Samsung Music with %cWanna One%" event on December 7 to greet his fans. YMC Entertainment previously confirmed his appearance in a statement, saying that he wanted to "see fans who came from far away. He plans to briefly greet the fans at the fan meeting and come down to rest."

Sporting a black hoodie, the center of Wanna One looked pale as he sat next to other members, who were standing. In a fan-captured video, Daniel said that he went to a salon before the event to make himself look less sick in front of fans. His voice sounded a bit hoarse than usual.

"I'm sorry to those who came to see our performances. Please be careful as the weather is cold. I got a really severe cold this time. I'm normally healthy," he said. "I went to the salon, so that I'd look better than yesterday. I wanted to look less sick. I came because I wanted to see you all."

His remarks received a warm response from fans who attended the event. Many of them said that he should take a proper rest and recover quickly so that he could meet them again. Daniel soon went off stage with the help of staff as he found it hard to walk.

Daniel is currently taking a temporary break after he was rushed to hospital due to high fever, which led to him losing his voice and not having strength to walk. "We will be making sure that Kang Daniel gets as much rest as possible that he has a full recover before any upcoming performances," the label's rep stated. "He has received the necessary medical treatment and is currently resting in the dorm. Luckily, he has no scheduled broadcast appearances in the immediate future."

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