Jennifer Hudson Claims 'Aggressive' Ex David Otunga Taunted Her With Gun

The Oscar-winning actress said that David owns 'at least' one gun, which she believed was used to 'taunt, intimidate and frighten' her following her family tragedy back in 2008.

AceShowbiz - %cJennifer Hudson% and David Otunga's split is already taking an ugly turn. The "American Idol" alum accused her ex of having an "aggressive" behavior and claimed the former pro wrestler taunted her with a gun.

In court documents obtained by Us Weekly, the singer detailed recent events which occurred after she ended her 10-year relationship with David in April. "I seek this Order of Protection against David and request that this Court grant me exclusive possession of my residence on an emergency basis because of David’s increasingly aggressive, threatening and harassing behavior toward me," the 36-year-old singer wrote in the papers on Thursday, November 16. "I believe that if David is given notice, he will physically harm me, continually harass me, and/or take action against my property, or seek to sequester my son, David, Jr."

According to "The Voice" coach, David psychologically abused their son. She claimed that David called the 8-year-old kid when she was in the recording studio, before asking him to record a video to see who was present. Jennifer further said that David, who "mistakenly believes" that she had a romantic relationship with one of her producers, went on telling their son over the phone, "Don't let your mom's boyfriend mother f***ing touch you."

Later that night when Jennifer arrived at the house with her son, David allegedly grabbed David Jr. in one hand while another hand "physically pushed" the singer out of the bathroom within their master bedroom. Jennifer also said that David owns "at least" one gun which he keeps inside the house after she found it on the kitchen counter on September 27.

Jennifer once asked David about it, to which the former VH1 star allegedly responded by saying that it was a prop from a movie he starred in. Jennifer, however, believed that the firearm was used to "taunt, intimidate and frighten" her following her family tragedy back in 2008, in which her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew were murdered by her sister's estranged husband.

The "Dreamgirls" actress went on saying that she's worried for her child’s safety after David threatened to take their child away from her, adding that David pulled the child out of school on November 10 and left town without her consent. The singer also revealed that since she met him, David has had a "bad temper and aggressive tirades" and it's gotten worse when things between the former couple began to fall apart earlier this year.

"I am now living in fear for my physical and emotional safety and that of my son," Jennifer claimed. She demanded that her ex find temporary or permanent residence elsewhere in the meantime, as she is the sole owner of the house they shared.

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