Armie Hammer and Amber Tamblyn Get Support From Lena Dunham and Don Cheadle in James Woods War

The 'Call Me by Your Name' actor disses Woods for dating much younger women while Tamblyn claims the 70-year-old actor tried to pick her up when she was 16.

AceShowbiz - Armie Hammer and Amber Tamblyn called out James Woods on Twitter. Hammer criticized Woods for dating a teen when he was 60 years old while Tamblyn revealed that Woods once tried to pick her up when she was 16. Hammer and Tamblyn got support from Lena Dunham and Don Cheadle.

The public spat started after Woods criticized the age gap romance in Hammer's new movie "Call Me by Your Name". The movie revolves around a relationship between a graduate student and his professor's teen son. It takes place in Italy where the age of consent is 14.

Woods agreed with conservative gay author Chad Felix Green who slammed "Call Me by Your Name". Green tweeted, "24 year old man. 17 year old boy. Stop." Woods chimed in, "As they quietly chip away the last barriers of decency. #NAMBLA"

Hammer quickly clapped back at Woods, "Didn't you date a 19 year old when you were 60.......?" Woods, now 70, is notorious for dating younger women. He reportedly started dating his current girlfriend Kristen Bauguess, in 2013 when she was 20 years old. Before seeing Bauguess, he allegedly romanced a woman named Ashley Madison when she was either 19 or 20 years old.

Tamblyn then made a shocking revelation, "James Woods tried to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant once. He wanted to take us to Vegas. 'I'm 16' I said. 'Even better' he said." Woods denied it and called Tamblyn a liar. When a Twitter user asked him "what makes a 24yo/17yo gay relationship inherently indecent but skeevy old guys trying to pick up a pair of 16 year old girls is okay," Wood responded, "The first is illegal. The second is a lie."

He then added, "Somebody told me the libs are yelping. Troll traffic is up. I don't pay any attention really. I like Armie Hammer as an actor though. A lot. Okay, now I want all my little trolls to put on their onesies and go to bed! Final word on this: I don't give a s**t what liberals think."

Tamblyn insisted she told the truth, sharing a screen-shot of a conversation between her and a friend who was reportedly with her when Woods hit on her. "Since I know people love to question the intengrity and honesty of women when they come forward with stories like this, here you go," the actress wrote before adding, "Calling me liar, James? This is now far from over. That I can promise."

Dunham took Tamblyn's side as she joined the war, "F**k this dude. I'd lay under a train for the brave queen that is @ambertamblyn (but I would not lay under James Woods). Maybe James Woods should google image search himself before accusing @ambertamblyn of fabricating an under age pickup story?"

Cheadle was among Hammer and Tamblyn's supporters as well. "For the win!!!!" he replied to Hammer's tweet. To those who believed Woods when he said Tamblyn was a liar, Cheadle said, "Yeah. He tried lying about it to silence her. Didn't work."

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