NBC Is Developing a New Music Reality Series

'We wanted to make a new show but we very much didn't want to make a new singing show, we wanted to make a music show,' NBC Alternative and Reality Group president Paul Telegdy says.

AceShowbiz - After enjoying a huge success with a slew of its reality series such as "The Wall", "World of Dance" and "The Voice", NBC and Universal Television Alternative studio are developing a new music reality series format. The network seems ambitious as the planned series is set to be ready for a 2018 launch.

"We wanted to make a new show but we very much didn't want to make a new singing show, we wanted to make a music show," NBC Alternative & Reality Group president Paul Telegdy tells Deadline. "So we've been developing that, and development is a science as much as it is art but it is mainly an art."

Teledgy and Uni TV Alternative studio president Meredith Ahr are hoping that the new series will provide a platform for people who love to make music. While Teledgy refuses to go into detail of the new show, he reveals that it will carry "the NBC reality brand pillars: humor, heart, courage." It is also expected to incorporate the way music is distributed and consumed these days through digital downloads and streaming.

"We're all in on the music show; we've been all in on a new music show to complement what we already have in place, which is a boot camp for singers ('The Voice')," he says. "We're going to have another show that means you can come ready to be any kind of music maker and whatever NBC can do for you, we're happy to do it."

"We have no interest in taxing careers of struggling artists, we just want to help them get out there. That's the philosophical 'why' because that's what the industry has told us they need right now. Yes, singing shows are fun, exciting and big," he continues. "We have an amazing singing show. We're intrigued to see what a music show can be."

The new show originated with "The Stream", a Norwegian format NBC and Uni TV Alternative studio picked up last fall from a group of Scandinavian producers. "They ran a very interesting digital and broadcast pilot project for us, a show that I think they would all describe as modestly unsuccessful but yet they learned a lot over in Norway, and we bought that, and are partners with them, we've nestled them within our studio relationships," says Teledgy.

The original premise of "The Stream" is to find the next Justin Bieber-size viral music star. It will feature aspiring musicians who would upload their videos. The most streamed of them then will get the chance to perform in front of music industry bigwigs, with each exec eventually signing three artists who compete in a weekly live show. The contestants' fate later will be decided by the number of streams.

Deadline further reports that NBC was trying to tap a big star such as Beyonce Knowles for the show just like how it goes with "World of Dance" and Jennifer Lopez. "Not yet," Telegdy says when asked whether they had set a star for the new show. "There are lots of conversations and nothing yet that is ready to go with. But we've got existing partners in the music business-coaches and talent and people that have been in our sphere of influence that we know and love and want to continue to work with, and there is a bunch of new people that want to work with us because they see the quality of our work and delivering on promises."

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