Lucy Hale Gets Slammed for Calling Herself 'Fat' in Instagram Comment

The 'Pretty Little Liars' star wrote, 'Ugh I was so fat,' underneath a throwback photo she posted on Instagram, but fans found the comment inappropriate as she already looked very skinny in the photo.

AceShowbiz - %cLucy Hale% didn't seem to be happy with her own body in the past. The 28-year-old actress received backlash after she labeled her thin self as "fat" in a comment she wrote under a photo she posted on Instagram on Sunday, June 18.

The photo featured Lucy standing beside her father. "You taught me to have soul. I love you daddy," she wrote in the caption. The "Life Sentence" actress later wrote a comment that read, "Ugh I was so fat." She deleted the comment shortly after.

Fans thought that she shouldn't label herself fat as it might make people, especially young girls, misunderstand about what a healthy body should look like. They were also concerned that other people who have bigger bodies than her might get offended.

"I agree with those who have already posted, that the comment about being fat was so inappropriate. You are on a tv show geared towards very young women," a fan commented. "You DO have a responsibility to those women to not send negative body image messages. You are so far from fat here, that it sends a really skewed message about what a healthy body should look like."

Another fan said that many people would be very happy to have the same size as her. "So disappointed to see you label yourself fat and this size fat. The size in this picture is healthy and beautiful and millions would kill to be this size or to be happy with their size," the fan wrote. "Even the average size would be bigger than this. Your a gorgeous person but this is an ugly message."

However, some fans felt that the "Pretty Little Liars" star is only a human who could feel insecure about herself. "She's human and being human means you have the right to think what you want and be who you want because no one else is you," one of them commented. "[Celebrities] are humans too. They can be insecure and say what they want and what they believe in on their own social media pages," another added.

You taught me to have soul. I love you daddy.

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