Bella Hadid Criticized for Being Too Skinny After Posting This Bikini Pic

The Victoria's Secret Angel is criticized by some Instagram trolls who claim that she 'looks unhealthy' in the latest sexy picture she shared.

AceShowbiz - %cBella Hadid% is criticized after posting a picture of her flaunting her skinny figure in a two piece and sarong. Right after the Victoria's Secret Angel took to Instagram to share with her approximately 8.8 million followers the image that featured her in the white bikini standing against a palm tree, she was dissed by her haters who claimed that she's "too skinny."

"I can see her ribs....," one user wrote in the comment section. "Does anyone else find she is too skinny!!?" another claimed. "I love you, but damn you look unhealthy," read another post. "You should eat more than a cucumber during the day," criticized one user, while one of her fans said, "I mean she's great but she looks starved."

However, some of her followers defended her, as one user said, "She is healthy people! Some people can't help how skinny they are! I eat so so so much and my ribs pop." Another wrote, "So stunning, people hating on you for seeing your ribs but some of us are just built that way so.. No Hate! Beautiful." One of her fans even said that she's "perfect" before praising her, "You're amazing Bella."

Bella made her debut at the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show late last month, hitting the runway with her sister %cGigi Hadid% and the likes of %cKendall Jenner%, %cAdriana Lima% and %cAlessandra Ambrosio%. She also got to reunite with her ex-boyfriend %cThe Weeknd% who served as one of the performers.

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