PARTYNEXTDOOR Reportedly Plans to Confront Tyga After Kylie Jenner Reunion

The 'Come and See Me' hitmaker is reportedly 'prepared to confront Tyga face-to-face' after he found out that the 26-year-old rapper and his girl rekindled their romance.

AceShowbiz - %cPARTYNEXTDOOR% may be the first person who is unhappy with %cKylie Jenner% and %cTyga% rekindling their romance. According to a source close to the 22-year-old rapper, he plans to get back at the 26-year-old rapper because he's still hurt by Tyga stealing his girl.

The source claimed that PND knew nothing about Kylie and Tyga rekindling their romance. He's "completely dumbfounded" when he heard news that his girl reunited with her former boyfriend. PND apparently thought that he and Kylie weren't done yet.

The insider added that PND's "prepared to confront Tyga face-to-face" and there would be a war between the two rappers. "Oh the war is on," the source told "PND feels completely disrespected that Tyga's trying to throw salt on his relationship with Kylie when Tyga know nothing is going on between them."

While rumors suggested that PND was in pain after Kylie and Tyga were spotted together, the "Come and See Me" singer reportedly said that Tyga was the one who's heartbroken. "It's obvious Tyga's hurt over PND's video with Kylie," the insider continued. "He's turning into the king of jealously instead of the King of gold chains."

"Kylie hasn't mentioned a thing to PND about Tyga. He thinks Tyga's just looking for attention," the source added. "He doesn't care what type of relationship he and Kylie had in the past. PND's talking to her now and what Tyga did on Social media crossed the line and it crossed PND."

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