Amy Schumer Mocks Selena Gomez and 'Relatable' Stars in Hilarious Skit. Watch Selena's Response

In an 'Inside Amy Schumer' skit, the comedienne wants to prove how relatable she is, but keeps bragging about her overzealous lifestyle and insults Selena who plays the lead singer of her show's band.

AceShowbiz - %cSelena Gomez% was another guest star in the latest episode of "Inside Amy Schumer" that featured %cJake Gyllenhaal%. The former Disney starlet appeared in "Down to Earth" skit in which %cAmy Schumer% tries to prove that she's just like you.

Amy hosts a show which is filmed "40,000 feet above the Earth, aboard a luxury airship that never touches the ground for tax reasons." Selena plays the lead singer of the show's band, opening it with a song to introduce the host. "She has a chef for her dog," Selena sings, "She's just like you, just like you."

Amy refers to Selena as "Rosetta Stone" and says to her, "Look at how good your English has gotten. I love." A confused Selena replies, "I was born in Texas." Throughout the show, Amy tries to convince her audience that she's a humble nobody, while in fact she's so out of touch.

She brags about her mini-dinosaur pet which she rescues from extinction, hanging out with Perez Hilton, having a maid and having an assistant deliver her a new phone every time she shreds her used phone to avoid being hacked. She also mispronounces Selena's name, calling her "Selen-ya." The singer repeatedly gives Amy a side eye for being an idiot.

Amy then calls her pilot for a segment called "Meet a Poor Person", causing the airship to plummet toward earth. When the pilot wants to fix it, Amy throws him out of the door instead before she jumps off the airship using her sister Kim Caramele as a human parachute.

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