Wait, What?! Kit Harington Scratches His Balls Whenever He Sees This

During a television appearance, the Jon Snow depicter reveals his weird habit which he says is a part of 'an Italian tradition.'

AceShowbiz - %cKit Harington% has a very strange habit. Describing himself as a superstitious person, the Jon Snow of "Game of Thrones" reveals that he always scratches his privates when he sees an ambulance. He even does it on camera when he's shown a toy ambulance.

"I'm horribly superstitious, like OCDs galore, and really non-sensical ones as well," the actor opens up during a visit to "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". For example, "I have to scratch my balls every time I see an ambulance," he confesses to %cJimmy Fallon%.

"Apparently it's good luck for the person inside, and I thought that was a nice thing," Harington explains to the bewildered Fallon. "It's an Italian tradition, apparently," the star insists, to which the host replies, "It is not an Italian tradition at all. Someone lied to you."

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