Phil Collins Is Back to the Wife Who Cost Him $47 Million

The musician revealed that he was back together with third wife Orianne Cevey but had no intention to marry her again in near future.

AceShowbiz - %cPhil Collins% has secretly reconciled with his third wife after their infamous $47 million divorce in 2008. The former %cGenesis% frontman revealed the truth about him and Swiss-born Orianne Cevey in new interviews.

"I'm actually back with my third wife - I haven't really talked about it," Collins told Billboard in an interview published on Thursday, January 29. "We've been together for a while, and nobody's noticed." Together with their two sons, they are residing in a house in Miami which Collins purchased six months ago.

Collins was married to Cevey for seven years when their divorce broke out in 2008. The amount he paid to the ex-wife was reportedly Britain's largest-ever celebrity divorce settlement at the time. The 64-year-old musician also had to fork out $34 million for second wife Jill Tavelman whom he dumped via fax in 1994.

In another interview, Collins also talked about his and Cevey's divorce and the surprise reconciliation. "It wasn't the horror story some divorces are," he told Mirror. "We stayed very close and started to talk and it appeared we both missed each other so it was kind of a gradual thing."

The pair, who met during his tour in 1994, started it all over again. "I'm in a happy place and you know why. It is exciting. We both thought we made a mistake and we fixed it," he said, adding, "The boys were wanting me to get a place in Miami because they were getting tired of visiting my hotel all the time. So when this happened I started looking at houses."

But the Collins had no intention to remarry. "I don't feel the need to do that. I have said that I won't but I haven't thought about it, frankly. So it's not on my radar. It's on my wish list to be happy," he said.

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