Why Jennifer Lawrence Rejects 'Hunger Games' Prequel?

The actress who portrays Katniss Everdeen may be the one who will not sign on for the proposed project as she said that 'it's too soon.'

AceShowbiz - If Lionsgate insists on making "The Hunger Games" prequel in the near future, %cJennifer Lawrence% may be one of the cast members who will not sign on to reprise her role. The Katniss Everdeen depicter stated in a recent interview that she would refuse to return for the proposed project, saying that "it's too soon."

"I wouldn't be involved," Lawrence told Variety during the premiere of her new film "Joy". "I think it's too soon. They've got to let the body get cold, in my opinion." What Lawrence said makes sense, because fans may need to take a breath before enjoying some adventures in the nation of Panem again.

Back in November, director Francis Lawrence shared his ideas about the prequel. "The interesting part of the story for me is to go back 75 years earlier and see how everything became the way it is," the director said.

He also said that the series could be like "Harry Potter" and "live on and on." "I'm sure if [author] Suzanne [Collins] were to get inspired and decide there's another story that's important for her to tell that exists within the world of Panem and whether about the Dark Days, another character, or another set of Games, whatever that could be, I'm sure it would be great," he explained.

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