Ed Sheeran Releases One Last Song 'Lay It All on Me' Before Taking Break

The song recorded for Rudimental's new album 'We the Generation' is expected to tide fans over while Ed Sheeran is away.

AceShowbiz - %cEd Sheeran% is gearing for a break from music after having a hectic schedule in the past few years. The British singer releases a new song called "Lay It All on Me", a collaboration with %cRudimental% for the group's next studio installment "We the Generation" slated for October 2 release.

"If you're scared when you're out on your own just remember me/ 'cause I won't let you go it alone/ Lay it all on me/ No you don't have to keep it under lock and key because I will never let you down/ And if you can't escape all your uncertainties/ Baby, I can show you how," Sheeran croons.

"It was an idea that we had a while before we toured with Ed. We played it for him on the tour bus and he loved it and we came back and finished it together in London," Rudimental said on BBC Radio. "We've been through a lot of ups and downs the last few years of touring and saying goodbye to family and missing home, so it's a song about sticking together and brotherhood."

Sheeran himself reached out to his fans on Twitter, "That's the last song il be releasing for a long time, til album 3, hope you like it." He added, "This is my final thing I'm releasing for a while. Bad news if you like me, great news if you don't. We cater for everyone at SheeranCorp."

In the meantime, Ed Sheeran will star on the new FX show "The Bastard Executioner".

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