Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' Sweet Twitter Exchange Debunks Rumor of Marriage Trouble

On their sixth wedding anniversary, the adorable couple exchanges sweet tweet to each other, debunking a report published by OK! magazine claiming that their marriage is no longer intact.

AceShowbiz - %cChris Pratt% and %cAnna Faris%'s marriage is not in trouble despite a report published by OK! magazine. Instead, the adorable couple celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary with sweet Twitter exchange on Thursday, July 9.

Faris tagged her husband in a sweet post which read, "I would like to bore all my sweet followers with a happy anniversary message to my love @prattprattpratt here goes: happy anniversary baby!" Though it was not replied immediately, Pratt made an adorable tweet a few hours later which read, "@AnnaKFaris I love you darling!! I'm the luckiest man in the world. #HappyAnniversary." It's crystal clear that their marriage is still going strong.

The couple was previously reported to have their marriage in trouble. The "Jurassic World" actor reportedly got easily bad-tempred "and rude to Anna" after he became famous. Multiple sources told the magazine that Faris "worries she's old news" and "the differences between them have risen to the surface."

"When a friend complimented them on their home decor in front of a bunch of people recently, Chris laughed and said he was the reason they could afford an awesome interior design," a so-called insider explained. The 36-year-old actor "thought he was being funny, but Anna looked like she was about to burst into tears" when he boasted about his success.

Furthermore, the insider claimed Pratt liked the attention he got from other women. "They're both trying to keep up the facade. Chris loves having women fall all over him, even though it makes Anna feel bad... totally neglected," the insider added.

However, a friend of Pratt told Gossip Cop that the two were proud of each other and Faris didn't feel neglected. Their reps also said the report made by the magazine was not true. Besides, the adorable Twitter exchange they made on their wedding anniversary clearly managed to debunk their marriage problem report.

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