Demi Lovato Awkwardly Asked for an Autograph During OB-GYN Exam

The 'Neon Lights' singer revealed during a recent interview that she had been asked for autograph in awkward moments like during OB-GYN exam and while getting her bikini area lasered.

AceShowbiz - %cDemi Lovato% revealed that she had experienced awkward encounters with some of her fans. During a recent interview with New Zealand's radio station ZM, the "Neon Lights" singer shared that she was once asked for an autograph by a gynecologist in the middle of an exam.

"There's been so many uncomfortable and actually violating moments when, like, I've been at the gynecologist and the doctor's like, 'Can I have an autograph for my daughter?' " she recalled.

Instead of feeling happy with the request, Demi considered it annoying as the doctor made the request at the very inconvenient time. "I'm like 'F**k you! Like, what the hell is wrong with you?' " she told the host.

In fact, the "violating moment" didn't happen once. The singer admitted that she experienced another awkward moment while she was getting her hair removed, specifically the hair on her bikini area.

"Or I'll get laser and someone will say, 'My such and such is a huge fan,' " Demi went on sharing. "And it's like, 'Great, you can now tell them you've seen my vagina. Like the WHOLE thing!' "

Demi is currently on her "Demi World Tour". The tour which becomes her fourth headlining concert tour is produced and promoted by Live Nation. Opened by %cChristina Perri% and %cMKTO%, the first concerts took place in the United States and Canada from September 6, 2014 to October 27, 2014.

The Asian leg of the tour opened on April 28 and will run through May 9. The concerts will be held in some cities including Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Zhenjiang, Ho Chin Minh city and Phnom Penh.

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