Jennifer Aniston's 'Cake' Role Made Her 'Grateful' for Her Body

Aniston reveals how her role in 'Cake' made her feel about her body and shares her experience in preparing for the role.

AceShowbiz - %cJennifer Aniston% said that she was grateful for her body after playing a pill-popper, chronic pain sufferer, Claire Simmons, in her new movie "Cake (2015)". "Talking to women, or men, who are suffering from chronic pain on a daily basis - it is so unimaginable. I mean, I was so grateful for my body at the end of the day," she said.

The 45-year-old actress studied "pretty much every single part of the body" that was hurt or injured, including the back, the leg, and the neck, as she told NPR in a recent interview. Aniston went as far as stopping her workout routine for two months to prepare for her role in the movie, and it did take a toll on her body. The former "Friends" actress said on "The Dr. Oz Show", "It really was interesting when you stop working out how you just ... my serotonin levels went down. My stamina was shot. I was cranky. I was irritable. I found myself short. I was hungry like crazy." Fearing that her body would manifest any of the cricks, pinches, lower back pain, or any other pain for good, she maintained some form of body work that would prevent them.

On "Hollywood Sessions" aired on Epix, Aniston, who was recently announced to receive Montecito Award at the upcoming Barbara International Film Festival, explained that she needed to wear back braces to help her movements while finding the character physically. She said, "There would be times when I would have to do a take over because I knew I moved too easily, but what's odd is that after about two weeks of walking and taking on a physical state, that starts to become sort of your natural state of being and moving."

The movie, "Cake", is about a bitter woman, Claire Simmons, who suffers from chronic pain. She was infatuated by the suicide of another woman from her chronic-pain support group, Nina (%cAnna Kendrick%), and as Simmons pursued the story behind Nina's death, she built a relationship with Nina's husband (%cSam Worthington%) while struggling against her personal tragedy. "Cake" will be released in limited theaters Stateside on January 23. %cWilliam H. Macy%, %cFelicity Huffman%, and Mexican actress %cAdriana Barraza% also star in the drama.

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