Former Miss USA Winners Pose Nude for PETA Campaign

Shanna Moakler and three other Miss USA winners pose naked in a black-and-white photo for no-fur campaign launched by PETA.

AceShowbiz - Four former winners of Miss USA make their stand and say no to fur. %cShanna Moakler%, %cSusie Castillo%, %cShandi Finnessey% and %cAlyssa Campanella% team up with PETA to encourage pageants to stop giving fur products as prizes to the winners.

Standing in their birthday suits, the four ladies lay their hands in each other's waist or thigh, while the other hands cupping their breasts. The four gaze seductively to the camera. The sexy black-and-white photo snapped by photographer Fadil Berisha features a message of the campaign which reads, "Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin, and Let Animals Keep Theirs. Say No to Fur."

According to PETA, millions of animal including foxes, minks, raccoons, rabbits, chinchillas, and even cats and dogs, are electrocuted, beaten, drowned, strangled, and skinned alive every year. However, beauty pageants still offer fur products as prizes despite the cruel treatment to the animals.

"As long as I'm the director of Miss Nevada, we will never award fur coats as prizes, and I urge my fellow pageant directors to make the same pledge," Moakler said in a statement. "Kind people today are taking a stand against cruelty to animals - so a fur coat is no prize for a compassionate, socially-aware woman."

"I was so disgusted that I would wear this skin of this living being on my body and consider myself beautiful," Finnessey said in a statement to PETA. "What would happen if that happened to a human being? We would be outraged. So what's the difference?" the children book author continued.

Castillo added, "I've been an animal lover all my life, and the more I learned of the torture that animals go through in the name of fashion, I just think it's so unnecessary." The Miss USA 2003 winner said that she felt "blessed" to be able "to take a stand united and to tell the pageant industry not to support the fur industry" alongside the other three gorgeous ladies.

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