Kristen Stewart Beats Robert Pattinson on Hollywood's Best Actors for the Buck List

The Bella Swan of the 'Twilight Saga' series tops the Forbes' list since her films earn an average $55.83 for every dollar she's paid, while her co-star and rumored boyfriend ranks third.

AceShowbiz - The big success of the "Twilight Saga" series has helped its lead actress %cKristen Stewart% top Forbes' list of Best Actors for the Buck list. On Tuesday, December 6, it was unraveled that the Bella Swan depicter beats co-star %cRobert Pattinson% as the most profitable star in Hollywood.

Forbes calculated that for every dollar 21-year-old Kristen is paid, her movies earn an average of $55.83. Her co-star Pattinson, meanwhile, lands third on the chart for bringing in an average of $39.43 for every dollar he is paid. It was his "Water for Elephants" and "Remember Me" movies that pulled down his average return.

Securing the runner-up position was %cAnne Hathaway%. The Hollywood beauty, who recently announced her engagement to %cAdam Shulman%, made an average return of $45.67 for every dollar she's paid thanks to her blockbuster movie, "Alice in Wonderland", and relatively low-budgeted "Bride Wars".

In the fourth place, there is English actor %cDaniel Radcliffe%, who has benefited from his massively successful wizard boy franchise, "Harry Potter". For every dollar the "The Woman in Black" actor is paid, his movies earn $34.24.

Rounding up the top five is %cShia LaBeouf%, who topped the same list in 2010. The "Transformers" lead actor falls four position this year because of "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps". For every dollar LaBeouf was paid, his films earned $29.40.

Top 10 Hollywood's Best Actors for the Buck:

  1. %cKristen Stewart%: Film yield per $1 paid - $55.83
  2. %cAnne Hathaway%: Film yield per $1 paid - $45.67
  3. %cRobert Pattinson%: Film yield per $1 paid - $39.43
  4. %cDaniel Radcliffe%: Film yield per $1 paid - $34.24
  5. %cShia LaBeouf%: Film yield per $1 paid - $29.40
  6. %cRobert Downey Jr.%: Film yield per $1 paid - $18.74
  7. %cMatt Damon%: Film yield per $1 paid - $15.83
  8. %cCate Blanchett%: Film yield per $1 paid - $15.17
  9. %cMeryl Streep%: Film yield per $1 paid - $13.54
  10. %cJohnny Depp%: Film yield per $1 paid - $12.48

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