J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff Win 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 13

J.R. thanks America for their support before praising his pro partner Karina, who claims her first mirror ball trophy on the November 22 finale.

AceShowbiz - After 10 weeks, "Dancing with the Stars" season 13 finally crowned its winner on Tuesday, November 22. %cRob Kardashian% led the scoreboard after Monday's performance show, but there was still a long road for the three finalists before claiming the mirror ball trophy.

On the second part of the finale, the remaining couples once again performed their favorite routine of the season. %cRicki Lake% and %cDerek Hough% danced their tango which %cLen Goodman% called "one of the memorable dances of this or any season."

Rob and %cCheryl Burke% chose to perform their foxtrot. The brother of %cKim Kardashian% had a little slip, but Len said it "doesn't mean anything" because, "You've got the best footwork of virtually any guy I've seen on this show ever."

For their repeat dance, %cJ.R. Martinez% and %cKarina Smirnoff% opted to dance their jive. While there was too much Lindy Hop the first time they danced it, this time they reworked the routine to be more of a true jive. Len loved that they listened to his advice, saying, "You did exactly what I asked you to do. You took out the Lindy."

Instead of scoring the dances individually, the judges decided together to determine the rank of the contestants' repeat dances. Ricki was placed first and got 30 points, bringing her total point to 84. J.R. was ranked the second and got 28 points to make his total point to 82. Placing third, Rob earned 26 which made his total score to 83.

These scores were combined with the viewer votes and it was soon revealed that Ricki was placed third. "I've loved basically every minute of this. I really feel like I've had the best partner, the best teacher, the best motivator," the "Hairspray" star said on her farewell speech.

"I've done something that I really didn't think I could do. And for someone who's a middle age mom I hope I've made my children proud... This is fantasy come true," she added. Her partner Derek, meanwhile, praised her, "She's an absolute winner. She's just knocked it out of the ballpark."

Still competing for the first place, J.R. and Rob along with their own partner danced an instant samba which would be evaluated by the judges. Both these two celebrity contestants got a perfect score of 30 each. With the scores from the final dance being added to their accumulative points, Rob still led by one point over J.R.

Viewers, however, gave more votes to J.R. and Karina as the couple was announced the winner of this season. "First and foremost I want to thank everybody who voted for us for 10 weeks. Thank you, America for believing in us," said the army veteran, before crediting his partner, "You are amazing. I'm so grateful that I was able to be part of your first mirror ball trophy. Thank you very much."

Rob, who finished in the second place, was not upset with the result as he said, "We're super thankful... I'm definitely not sad. I won in my book." Cheryl, meanwhile, claimed that they would keep in touch after ending the gig, "We're going to stay friends forever... In my book, you've won."

The Tuesday finale also welcomed the eliminated celebrity contestants to the dance floor again. %cLady Antebellum% served as a musical guest, performing "Dancing Away with my Heart" while being accompanied by some pro dancers.

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