Another Paris Hilton's New Song Revealed

'Jailhouse Baby', a new song from Paris Hilton's forthcoming LP, which carries Kylie Minogue's European dance vibe, has been unveiled.

AceShowbiz - Another new material, expected to appear on %cParis Hilton%'s sophomore studio album, has come out. Entitled "Jailhouse Baby", the up-beat song chronicles the story of her DUI-related probation violation in June 2007.

In the work of her not-yet-titled effort, Hilton will adopt "European dance vibe" similar to %cKylie Minogue%'s sound. "I was really inspired by Kylie Minogue. I love her, I just love that European dance vibe. The last album was completely hip-hop and this is completely different," she said during an interview.

Previously, Hilton has released a music video to promote her song "Paris for President". Featuring her dog, Tinkerbell, as a cameo, the music video showed her as a 'commander' in bikini surrounded by hunky secret service men, played by actors %cBryan McMullin%, %cMatt Hall%, and %cWilliam Chan%.

Audio stream of Paris Hilton's "Jailhouse Baby".

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