Paris Hilton Teams Up with Comic Legend Stan Lee for Her Cartoon Character

She's teaming up with Stan Lee for a superhero comic character of herself, aimed for a new TV series for MTV, yet she won't reveal details of the project.

AceShowbiz - Having a very full plate on her agenda nowadays, %cParis Hilton% apparently can never have enough of more task that she's adding a new project into her pipeline. Hard at work promoting her latest movie, "Repo! The Genetic Opera", she has recently revealed that she's teaming up with comic legend Stan Lee to develop a cartoon superhero character for her for a new undisclosed TV series.

Making an appearance at Stingaree, the Downtown nightclub to promote the flick, the celebrity socialite told San Diego City Beat she's been working on an animated likeness of her with Marvel Comics chairman Lee, who created famed characters such as Spider-Man and the X-Men. Her cartoon character reportedly is set to hit TV screens in the near future.

"I've created a superhero with Stan Lee, which is (based on) me, and we're doing a cartoon right now with MTV," so Paris said. She offered no further details on the project, but has quoted the Hilton hotel heiress as saying that she and Lee are "developing that right now and just going over scripts and drawing my character. I fight crime."

"It's not like your typical superhero," she went on revealing of her Lee-created character. "It's me basically as a superhero, so kind of using makeup and compacts as weapons. It's kind of like a spoof on a superhero."

No air date has been revealed at the time of writing.

"Repo! The Genetic Opera" is a musical science fiction thriller flick that tells the story of an epidemic of organ failures that devastates the planet, killing tens of millions. The film's release date is November 7 later this year.

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