Can 'Prince Caspian' Claim the Box Office Throne?

Coming to the theaters on May 16, 'Prince Caspian' promises to give a darker but more personal story to the Narnia series and thus, aims to challenge the domination of 'Iron Man'.

AceShowbiz - When the first Narnia's movie adaptation was first introduced to the public through "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", it got a great welcome from moviegoers everywhere around the world. Opening atop at the Box Office on its first weekend screening with $65.6 million, the fantasy film went on to haul the total of $291.7 million domestically and an impressive $744.8 million from the international sales. Now, a second Narnia film is about to make another attempt in enchanting audience and thus, an important question arises, that is can it surpass the success of the first movie.

If observed merely through the singing praises given by the movie critics so far, "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" would not have any problem in acquiring the same success the first film got back in 2005. Noting that this film can hardly be considered as a sequel, many commented that it is ready to present the moviegoers with a better looking movie if compared to the first film. Christy Lemire of Associated Press wrote on her review, "It's simultaneously darker and funnier, more substantive and more engaging, more violent and more technically accomplished." Additionally, Todd McCarthy of Variety also thinks that "Caspian" is "more crisply made than its 2005 predecessor", whereas Michael Rechtshaffen of Hollywood Reporter noted that the film is worthy to be watched film, especially for the "gorgeous special effects and grand-scale battle sequences".

Delivering another C.S. Lewis' Narnia series back to the big screen, "Prince Caspian" follows the Pevensie siblings as they are pulled back into the magical world of Narnia they left behind a year prior. There, they discover that a year in their real world is equivalent to 1300 years in the Aslan's land. Still, their finding do not end there since they soon learn that their once beautiful and blissful country has turned into ruins by evil dictator King Miraz of Telmarines, whose merciless ruling forces Narnia's future king, Prince Caspian, into hiding. Determined to bring their country back to what it supposes to be, the four siblings join forces with Caspian to claim the throne.

Co-scripted and directed once more by "Shrek" helmer Andrew Adamson, "Prince Caspian" brings back William Moseley, Anna Popplewell, Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley as the four brave siblings and Liam Neeson as the man behind Aslan's voice. The Buena Vista Pictures' movie also introduces a relatively newcomer Ben Barnes as the charming Caspian. It will be blasting its way to the silver screen on May 16.

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