Paris Hilton Denied a Supposed Make-Out Session with Elisha Cuthbert

Paris Hilton has slammed Internet rumors on her making out session with actress Elisha Cuthbert.

AceShowbiz - %cParis Hilton% is NOT a lesbian. The hotel heiress has slammed persistent Internet rumors on her making out session with %cElisha Cuthbert%, insisted rumors on that matter as "not true."

Paris and Cuthbert, who were co-stars in the 2005 horror flick "House of Wax", were reported to be "all over each other and making out" at New York's Tenjune club on Tuesday night, January 29. A representative for Cuthbert has denied the report though.

Has been tight lipped, Paris who was approached by paparazzi and being asked on the same-sex encounter, clarified "Elisha's like my sister. That's not true."

Meanwhile, Paris is having her latest big screen project, the comedy romance "The Hottie and the Nottie", being released on date 8 later this month. The hotel heiress and socialite among others co-stars with the likes of %cJoel Moore%, %cChristine Lakin%, %cJohann Urb%, and %cAdam Kulbersh%.

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