The Game Trivia
  1. Made his film acting debut in "Waist Deep" (2006) playing Meat.

  2. Had intention to audition for the role of Tubbs in "Miami Vice" (2006), but could not make it due to hectic touring schedule.

  3. Got pranked by Ashton Kutcher in MTV Punk'd aired in June 2005.

  4. Along with Snoop Dogg faced a lawsuit by a fan who alleged to be beaten onstage by their entourage during the "How the West Was Won" tour in May 2005.

  5. Had one of his entourage shot on the leg when attempted to confront 50 Cent at Hot 97 radio station on February 28, 2005.

  6. Single "Dreams" was dedicated to Yetunde Price, the half-sister of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams who was shot to death on September 14, 2003.

  7. Sent a demo to founder of The Source Magazine Dave Mays with a hope to get featured in the magazine as unsigned hype, but sadly his work was not chosen.

  8. Had a falling out with his manager also half-brother Big Fase 100 whom he claimed to have extorted him out of over $1.5 million.

  9. Idolizes Eazy-E of Niggaz With Attitude and even originally intended to name his first major album "Nigga Wit' an Attitude Volume 1."

  10. Was featured with Kanye West and Ludacris in a Boost Mobile commercial.

  11. Admitted that his second album's title "Doctor's Advocate" was a reference to veteran rap artist Dr. Dre who essentially "found" him.

  12. Appeared in the advertisement of P. Diddy's Sean John clothing company.

  13. Likes to drink tea to calm his nerves on the road and prefers chamomile to green tea.

  14. Considers "Blow Out" (1981) as his favorite movie.

  15. Is a good friend of Nas, Snoop Dogg, and NBA player Baron Davis, with whom he played basketball at high school.

  16. Grew up under foster care from age seven up to fifteen.

  17. Has a joint venture with 310 Motoring to create his own footwear line named The Hurricanes.

  18. Voiced B-Dup, a character from Rockstar North's game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."

  19. Has a number of tattoos on his body that include a logo of his record company The Black Wall Street, a portrait of 2Pac as an angel, a teardrop, and the Dodgers' "LA" logo which covers a previous tattoo of a butterfly below his right eye.

  20. Was the player as well as the shareholder of the now defunct Inglewood Cobras, an ABA franchise team.

  21. Is of African American, Spanish, and Native American ancestry.