Mark Wahlberg Biography

Mark (Robert Michael) Wahlberg had a troubled younger years before making name in film world. He dropped out of school at age 14 and by 16 he was jailed. Upon being released, he was helped by his brother Donnie, who was a member of pop band New Kids on the Block, to establish a rap career under the moniker of Marky Mark. He switched to modeling afterwards, modeling for Calvin Klein's underwear line and subsequently landed acting jobs, thanks to his persona in addition to good looking face and muscular body.

Wahlberg first appeared in the 1993 television movie, "The Substitute", before then making his big screen debut in "Renaissance Man" (1994). The following year, he was cast in "The Basketball Diaries" as Mickey, which proved to be his breakthrough role. After few other features, he rose to prominence with his starring role as Eddie Adams/Dirk Diggler in "Boogie Nights" which earned him a Best Actor Satellite Award nomination. His next two films "The Big Hit" (1998) and "The Corruptor" (1999) were less than successful, but the June 5, 1971 born actor continued giving critical acclaimed performances in "Three Kings", "The Perfect Storm", "The Yards", "Rock Star", and in a remake of the classic "Planet of the Apes".

"The Italian Job", "I Love Huckabees", "The Departed", "The Other Guys", "Date Night", "The Fighter", "Ted", "Lone Survivor", "Transformers: Age of Extinction", and "Ted 2" were some of the many movies Wahlberg had starred in that became smash hits. Aside from his big screen success, the Boston, Massachusetts native also gave hand at producing.

As of his personal life, Wahlberg has been married to wife, model Rhea Durham, since August 1, 2009. They are parents to four children, Ella Rae (b. 2003), Michael Robert (b. 2006), Brendan Joseph (b. 2008), and Grace Margaret (b. 2010).