Frankie Muniz Biography

Having a good look is not a guarantee for a young star to emerge in Hollywood quickly. But Frankie Muniz has added the value with comical looks and a charisma that simply contagious to attract not only audience of his age but ranging from young to old. Apparently, the child star had crafted a position in Hollywood as a charmingly entertaining actor, but to know where the trait came from it should be traced back from the very beginning. On December 5, 1985 in Ridgewood, New Jersey, a boy was born as the second child of the couple Frank and Denise Muniz. Named Francisco James Muniz IV, he would later on be familiarized with a shorter call, Frankie Muniz which would not only be known to his relatives but to many people around the world.

Home schooled since grade six instead of going to public school, Frankie had been close to his family especially his grandpa who taught him golf since 5 years old. But mostly he would look up to his sister Christina who enrolled herself in theatrical activities. Felt that he could do the same thing, the young boy then determined to follow her footstep thus auditioning for theatrical productions and finally managed to join several famous plays, such as “A Christmas Carol”, “The Sound of Music” and “The Wizard of Oz”. Taking a step forward, he was pleased with the opportunity to star in the TV movie “To Dance with Olivia” (1997) as Oscar and even though it was a small role he gained a more intense character in “What the Deaf Man Heard” (1997) as a boy who allegedly played deaf and mute so that he could hinder from danger.

When young actors were much sought for TV series, Frankie was lucky to gain some roles in those that were quite popular, such as “Spin City” (1996) and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (1996). After that, the half Puerto Rican and half Irish actor played in two more wide screen movies titled “Lost & Found” (1999) and “Little Man” (1999) which unfortunately didn't go successful. However, from then on Frankie had shown to the audience that he had something special within that he could offer them, and it was proven true through his acting in “My Dog Skip” (2000) opposite prominent actors such as Kevin Bacon, Luke Wilson and Diane Lane. Under the same title, the movie was taken from Willie Morris' book which told his own childhood memoir about how he was a shy boy but suddenly became very well known because of his dog Skip. Frankie who portrayed the little Morris, won a Young Artist Award for Best Ensemble in a Feature Film in 2001.

At that point, he thought he could do more than that, so he signed for a comedy series “Malcolm In the Middle” (2000). Attractive and fresh, the series immediately absorbed 23 million viewers at the pilot and enlarged to 26 million in the second episode, noting that it wasn't an easy job for Frankie who had to be the narrator as well as the center of a dysfunctional family. By the second year, Frankie had performed well and awed movie lovers when he was positioned in line to actors double or even triple his age in the nominee list of Best Performance by an Actor in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical in both the 2001 and 2002 Golden Globes. With the huge series running more than five years, his schedule was pretty uptight, thus he engaged himself in several projects which didn't require much energy that was by filling in voices. His first voice acting was in “102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue” (2000) and then carried on to “The Simpsons” (1989), “Dr. Dollitle 2” (2001) and “Moville Mysteries” (2002).

Still retaining his boyish look at the age of 17, Frankie starred in “Big Fat Liar” and “Deuces Wild” in 2002. Nevertheless, he looked much more mature within a year as seen through his appearance in “Agent Cody Banks” in 2003 where he became Cody Banks, some kind of young James Bond but in a less serious manner who still had to finish his homework. The movie served as an ease entertainment and good resume for Frankie. Following the previous success, the adventure of Cody Banks was prolonged in “Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London” (2004) and once again earned appraisal especially from youngsters who adored him. He would also do a video “Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman” (2005) where William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman were also involved in. And in the apt age of 20, Frankie had definitely grown to be a young man and he himself felt that he was old enough to start a family. In July 2005 he proposed to his girlfriend Jamie Grady whom he met on the set during the filming of his next movie “Stay Alive” (2006). Six years older, Jamie was not coming from a showbiz field, but she better got used to the extra attention because her fiance who was rising had a mass of curious fans out there.