Denise Richards Trivia
  1. Chosen as the 6th "Most AB-ilicious Star" in Life & Style's list of celebrities with toned stomachs (May 2007).

  2. Is a left-handed person also an animal lover who has kept several cats and dogs.

  3. Was labeled the Sexiest Mom by In Touch Magazine in 2005.

  4. Earned the 82nd rank in FHM Magazine's 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005 special supplement.

  5. Posed for Playboy Magazine in a nude pictorial by December 2004.

  6. Appeared with daughter Sam in an episode of Charlie Sheen's TV series vehicle of "Two and a Half Men" aired in 2004 as his former girlfriend who turns out to have a baby girl.

  7. Ranked 9th in FHM Taiwan's list of 100 Sexiest Women in 2001 and 21st in Stiff Magazine's 102 Sexiest Women in the World by 2002.

  8. Tried for the role of Beth in "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers" (1995), but lost the part to Mariah O'Brien.

  9. Was a cheerleader during her high school study.

  10. Admitted to have developed a crush on John Travolta during her younger years.

  11. Once underwent a job as a grocery clerk.

  12. Her favorite actresses include Kim Basinger, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, and Michelle Pffeifer.

  13. Is one of the notable members of Mensa International, the oldest and largest high IQ society in the world.

  14. Was featured alongside Eddie Griffin and Neil Patrick Harris in the music video of Snoop Dogg's "Undercova Funk."

  15. Delivered her first daughter, Sam J., at 10:57 PM in Los Angeles.

  16. Has a Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG.

  17. Considers "The Oprah Winfrey Show", "Maury", "That 70's Show", and "Happy Days" as her favorite TV programs.

  18. Was born on the same date and month as Paris Hilton was.

  19. Her favorite movies are "Titanic" (1997), "Undercover Brother" (2002), "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" (2003), and "Date Movie" (2006).

  20. Likes practicing kickboxing and jogging.

  21. Is of Croatian and Welsh descent.