David Banner Trivia
  1. Has a large tattoo of 'Mississippi' in capital letters that he often displays in front of live audience.

  2. Auditioned for the role of "The Dark Knight" (2008) but lost it to Michael Jai White.

  3. Released a song called "B.A.N" in 2007 which is deemed to be in response to rapper T.I's recent arrest over gun possession charges and Michael Vick's charges.

  4. His father Zeno Crump Jr. died June 17, 2007.

  5. Was once robbed in Birmingham by a group of teenagers.

  6. Once was so broke that he slept on the floor with his friend's four pitbull dogs.

  7. Opts his stage name David Banner from the lead character of the 1970-80s CBS TV series "The Incredible Hulk".