Colin Firth Trivia
  1. Got bestowed an honorary degree from the University of Winchester in October 2007.

  2. Inspired Helen Fielding in her creation of Mark Darcy while writing "Bridget Jones's Diary."

  3. Had lived in several different places which included Essex, Billericay, Brentwood, and St Louis, Missouri during his younger years.

  4. Has worked with Jim Carter for 4 times by the time they were included in the cast of "Shakespeare in Love" (1998).

  5. Took the unpleasant comments about him made by Hugh Grant, Richard Curtis, Bill Nighy, and Thomas Sangster, in good nature when those people mocked him on the DVD audio commentary for "Love Actually" (2003).

  6. Was one of 50 Most Beautiful People according to People Magazine in 2001.

  7. Agreed to join the cast of "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" (2004) after Richard Curtis gave his confirmation to re-write the film script.

  8. Has lost his screen wife to a member of the Fiennes family for two times: the first was to Ralph Fiennes in "The English Patient" (1996) while the second was to Joseph Fiennes in "Shakespeare in Love" (1998).

  9. Once had undergone a guitar training under the guidance of Marc Bolan, the singer and songwriter of T.Rex.

  10. Worked as a tea-boy for the wardrobe department when joined Laurence Olivier's National Theatre.

  11. His first experience in acting was playing as Jack Frost in a Christmas pantomime of his infant school's production.

  12. Appeared in the stage productions of "The Lonely Road" (1985), "Desire Under the Elms" (1987), "The Caretaker" (1991), "Chatsky" (1993), and "Three Days of Rain" (1999-2000).

  13. His paternal and maternal grandparents used to be Methodist missionaries.

  14. Has been the Royal Shakespeare Company's member.

  15. Has had a verbal feud with fellow actor Rupert Everett while the source of this tension remains unknown to public.

  16. Contributed a short story entitled "The Department of Nothing" to Nick Hornby's "Speaking With the Angel" for the TreeHouse Trust in aid of autistic children.