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Preview of 'Momma's Boys' 1.02

December 17, 2008 (6:51 am) GMT
Ryan Seacrest's new reality show 'Momma's Boys' continues the rift between the mothers and the girls plus the romance to the boys.

The second episode of "" that will return on screen Monday, December 22 has been previewed. Premiered on Tuesday, November 16 via NBC, the reality show started off with a bang in the shape of Khalood Bojanowski, aka Mrs. B. The 50-year-old who is one of the mothers participating in the show started a racial rant with one of the black girls.

Vita particularly fumed over the comments made by Mrs. B when she stated, "I cannot have a black one," upon choosing the ideal girl for her son, Jojo. "I can't have an Asian one, and I can't have a fat-butt girl. No Jewish girl! I cannot stand them! It has to be a white girl." This rift will still have its effect on the second episode where the girls face a challenge set up by Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White. The girls who win will be exempt from the boys' first elimination.

Later in the episode, the momma's boys take the girls on group dates set up by the moms. However, to the moms' disappointment, the group dates lead to intimate one-on-one dates of their sons' choice that do not meet their approval. The boys then face their first eliminations, which prove to be more emotional then they had anticipated.

"Momma's Boys" is the latest project by . It follows three bachelors and their moms in the quest to find the perfect mate for the boys by living together in a Santa Barbara estate with the girls. The ultimate question is, "Who is really the most important woman in a man's life?"

The participating contestants in the first season are firefighter Michael and his mom Lorraine, real estate worker Rob and his mom Esther as well as college hockey player JoJo and his mom Khalood. As many as 32 girls ranging from those who have a good girl image, to the wild ones and to an ex Penthouse Pet of the Year are running for a chance to be the boys' love interest.


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