The Bachelorette Episode 8.04 Episode 804
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The Bachelorette Episode 8.04 Episode 804

Episode Premiere
Jun 4, 2012
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
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Episode Premiere
Jun 4, 2012
Reality, Romance
2003 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Chris Harrison

There are 13 men left as everyone leaves the mansion in Charlotte for an adventure in Bermuda!

A Day with Doug

A somewhat nervous Doug scores the one-on-one date. Emily senses the tension in the room just before they hit the streets of St. George to do a little shopping. She learns that Doug had just scolded all the guys for razzing him about the date. Emily then writes a postcard to Doug's son to thank him for letting her borrow his dad for a spell. Then the two of them go to a place called the Moon Gate where they make a wish for the future. Emily's wish is that she's not single forever.

At dinner, Emily feels like Doug may be too perfect. That's kind of how she felt about Brad. She wants him to open up by telling him what kind of complaints an ex-girlfriend might have about him. Emily gets the ball rolling by listing some of her own faults. This has her realizing how she has put him on the spot. Emily is starting to believe that he's just a genuinely good guy. That's why she gives him a rose.

Not-So-Smooth Sailing

Charlie, Ryan, Chris, Jef, Sean, Arie, Travis and Kalon are picked for a sailing adventure on the group date. They split up into teams. The winner of a race gets to spend more time with Emily while the others must head back to the hotel room. It's a rough time on the high seas for both crews as they must work together as a team to win the day. In the end, the yellow team beats a depressed red team.

Jef is a member of the winning team and Emily wishes he would have kissed her on the beach. Ryan was also on the yellow team. Emily still can't wrap her arms around some of the things he says. For example, he brings up how he had a hard time seeing her kissing Arie. Emily feels like he may be judging her. At the end of the date, she gives Jef the rose. He completely didn't expect it, but does admit that he's starting to fall for her.

A Bermuda Love Triangle

John and Nate are picked for a two-on-one date. They head out to a place called Diving Board Island to jump off some cliffs. Emily has a great day with both guys which means the decision as to which one gets the lone rose available will be a difficult one. Come nighttime, the trio heads into a really cool cave for a really awkward dinner.

Nate lets Emily know that he would like to have a few kids so that he can have an amazing family just like the one his parents started. He gets choked up while telling her this. As for John, Emily likes the fact that he doesn't feel the need to be the center of attention. At the end of the date, she gives him the rose. That means that Nate must head out of the cave to make the journey home.

Tension at the Mansion

Emily has a chat with Alejandro, who assures her that he'll show her his passion should she keep him around. Some of the guys think Ryan is overly-confident. The men encourage Arie to interrupt his alone time with Emily, so he does just that. As for Ryan, he's already making plans to be the next Bachelor should things not work out with Emily.

Chris is stinging from a comment Doug made about him not being ready to be a father because he's only 25. He assures Emily that he'll stand up for himself. Then he has a private chat with Doug. It's a totally combative discussion where Chris lets him know that he doesn't believe half the stuff Doug says. Sure hope these two guys aren't sharing a room at the hotel.

The Rose Ceremony

Nate is already gone while Doug, Jef and John are safe. Emily has more roses to hand out. The men who receive roses from her are:




Doug (safe from a one-on-one date)

Jef (safe from the group date)

John (safe from a two-on-one date)





That means Charlie and Michael are headed out the door while the rest of the men prepare to accompany Emily to London!