The Bachelor Episode 13.04
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The Bachelor Episode 13.04

Episode Premiere
Jan 26, 2009
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Episode Premiere
Jan 26, 2009
Reality, Romance
2002 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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The nine remaining women join Host Chris in the living room, where he tells them what's up this week: Three dates, all with roses, a one-on-one date, a group date and a two-on-one date, where only one woman will return. They'll have to earn the one-on-one date -- by writing and performing an original song for Jason -- and they only have 30 minutes to do it!

Lauren plans to make him laugh, while Shannon, who's seen every episode of The Bachelorette, plans to write a rap song like the one Jason wrote for DeAnna. Nikki, meanwhile, says she can't do it and starts to cry. "I'm too much of a control freak," she says. "I cannot be silly. It's not in my nature. I'd rather have a tarantula crawl up my arm than do this."

Jason comes in and tells the women that he was "by far" the worst singer when he did this and that it's not about who sings the best. Molly goes first and sings, "you give me butterflies." Shannon raps, "Jason, you are so hot... I want to show you my one-on-one affection." Melissa sings about oysters and the blimp, Lauren writes a real song that gets the most applause, but Nikki overcomes her fear and steps up and actually sings.

Jason awards the solo date to Molly and Lauren is upset because she knows she had the best song. Nikki is upset, because she really went out of her comfort zone.

Molly is astonished when she gets a solo date, spending the night at Jason's! "This is more me," Jason says of the casual date that's so different from all the glitzy dates. Molly says that it's "the ideal, perfect date." Over a picnic, she tells him she's "ready for the next step," and that if she falls for him, she'll fall for Ty too, since Ty is a part of him. She's saying everything Jason wants to hear, and he finds himself getting lost in her "stargazing amazing" eyes.

Jillian, Lauren, Shannon, Megan, Melissa and Naomi get an invite for the group date, which leaves Nikki and Stephanie for the two-on-one date. "I want to cry," Nikki tells Stephanie. "I don't want to go up against you!"

Jason leads Molly out for a surprise: there's a tent set up outside. She tells him he has all the qualities she's looking for, and that she sees how he is as a father already, because of Ty. "You're exactly what I'd want my husband to be and the father of my children to be," she says and he kisses her. Jason tells her he's enjoyed getting to know her and looks forward to more, and presents her with the rose. He asks her if she wants to camep out and she happily accepts. Jason zips up the tent and we hear sounds of kissing.

Shannon waits up for Molly, even though the rest of the house has gone to sleep. Jason drives Molly back. "I'm on Cloud Nine," Molly tells the camera, proclaiming it the best date ever. The women greet her in the morning, but they're not happy to hear that Molly's just come back -- wearing Jason's clothes - and that she "didn't get much sleep," and neither did Jason.

Jason arrives to take the women on the group date. All they know is that they'll be "playing doctor," but none of them expect that he'll be taking them to the set of General Hospital! The women are excited to be shown into hair and makeup and they'll have a chance to show whether they have dramatic skills.

Megan has a scripted kiss with Jason, her first, and says, "I guess we'll find out how much sexpot I have in me." One of the actresses asks for a volunteer to kiss Jason and Shannon steps up immediately. "No tongues," Shannon is told. She fans herself after the kiss, she's so excited.

Melissa admits that seeing Jason kiss Shannon, "awakens feelings I didn't know I had," ditto when Naomi gets to kiss Jason "about 11 times," during her scenes with Jason. Lauren is upset that she didn't have a kissing scene, even though she's playing Jason's wife.

Jillian, who wears a blonde wig and a fur coat, gets to have Jason propose to her in her scene. After Jason tells Megan, "I love you," in their bit, she keeps kissing him, long after the director yells, "Cut." "My kiss with him wasn't acting, that was real," Megan says later, adding that she believes she's now, "caught up" with the other women.

Back at the house, Nikki and Stephanie mentally prep for their double date with Jason. Stephanie advises Nikki to tell Jason about her past relationship since he knows nothing about it so far. Nikki admits she thought she'd be married with a child by now and that she wants to be a mother, "so bad."

Jason treats the women in the group date to a wrap party, but emotions run high, with more drama than there was on the set. Jason sees Naomi sitting by herself and takes her upstairs to talk. She admits that she's having a hard time seeing him make connections with the other women. "It's more scary than I imagined it would be." Jason tells her he believes they'll be in each other's lives "for a long time, if not forever."

"Everyone is crying, everyone is so emotional," Megan notes, saying privately, "Man up." Megan later tells Jason she doesn't understand why the other women consider the situation so "hard," saying that she's met him and it's "perfect." There's an awkward moment when she wants him to kiss her and he gives her a hug instead. "I just want to scream, 'I'm perfect for you,'" she says later, "But I can't, because that would be crazy."

Lauren admits being "very straightforward" when she talks to Jason and that she enjoys ordering him around. "Some people like to be dominated," she laughs. She insists, "You need to give me a rose tonight, or I'm going to be pissed." He asks her if she feels "entitled," and she says "I only want it if you to give it to me."

Jason sees that Melissa is upset, and takes her aside. She's crying as she says, "Today proved to me, that I really care about you, more than I expected to. Apparently, I've fallen for you." "I like that," he says, and kisses her.

Jason asks the group what he can do to help them during this rough time. They want to know what he did in this situation and he says he "just sucked it up."

In her time with Jason, Shannon tells him that she's been putting walls up until now, but that tonight is the first time she feel she's developed feelings for him, and that "it's becoming real. You can't let me go," she says tearfully. "I'm not letting you let me go. You can't. I want you to come home with me, just come home with me."

Jason admits later that seeing her cry makes him "sad," because he doesn't have the same feelings for her. Shannon senses his reserve, saying it "feels like a rejection." Jason decides to give the group rose date to Naomi and says, "Thank you for being you."

"I feel like an idiot," Lauren says, shrugging that if Jason likes girls who "cry every five minutes," he might not be for her.

The date card for Nikki and Stephanie says, "Let's dance the night away. There's only one rose: one stays one goes." Stephanie is excited while Nikki is glum. They put on their ball gowns and Jason arrives in an elegant suit. "I have no idea what I'm going to do," Jason says before the date.

The two women toast Jason in the limo. He's attracted to Nikki, but doesn't like that she "stays in the box." He admires how fun Stephanie is, and that she's a great mom, but isn't sure if there's a romantic connection. A dance instructor is on hand to show the women how to waltz. Nikki admits she's "not the best dancer," but gamely tries her new steps with Jason, laughing at how she keeps messing up.

Stephanie, on the other hand, has danced ballet for years and even taught it. Nikki looks upset as she sees Jason and Stephanie waltzing expertly, comparing them to "Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers," and laments that she feels like the third wheel.

Stephanie is very sure of her connection with Jason and thinks he might even be her "soul mate." The women get competitive, interrupting each other's dances with Jason. "I would like the last dance," Nikki saying privately she "wants her turn" at love.

At the house, the women guess that Stephanie might be staying, as she had a previous one-on-one with Jason. "I just had a premonition that he could send them both home," Megan declares.

The women and Jason sit down to dinner. Jason has "a lot of strong feelings" for Stephanie, but the romantic side of things has grown slower than he thought. He asks the women how hard it would be for them to move to Seattle for him. "Not very," Nikki says, saying she's the only person she has to answer to. "My take on is that, whoever I fall in love with, I'll go wherever he is," Stephanie says.

Nikki finally tells Jason about her just-ended 11-year relationship. "We were high school sweethearts," she tells Jason. "He was my first love and he literally woke up one morning and said, 'I love you so much, but I don't want to marry you.'" She admits that dating since has been nearly "nonexistent," but that she feels really comfortable with Jason.

in his alone time with Stephanie, she tells him that she's very grateful to be here and that she really thinks that he could be a match for her. When she tells him how attracted she is to him, she's hoping for a kiss, but it doesn't happen.

Jason picks up the rose and says, "I see you both as two of the most amazing people I could come across. Steph, you've got a heart of gold. Nikki, you're as sweet as can be. Everyone I imagine adores you, but I only have one rose tonight." He takes a dramatic pause and adds, "It's for Stephanie."

Nikki is fighting tears as Jason walks her to the limo, saying, in voiceover that things just "make just make more sense" with Stephanie. "You're great," he tells Nikki. "So are you, whoever gets you is super-duper lucky," she says. Privately, Jason admits it was a tough decision, but that he thinks he made the right one.

"I never saw this coming," Nikki says in the limo. "I'm so much in shock, I don't know how to react." She admits to being disappointed and sad that "there wasn't enough." She says she tries to hard to be perfect, but ends up getting rejected anyway.

The women race to see whose suitcase is going home, and when they see that it's Nikki, they are surprised. They admit that it's weird that Nikki's not coming back.

Jason returns to Stephanie and says, "We still have a dance to finish," and they start to waltz. They finally kiss and Stephanie is convinced "we could definitely live forever together."

The next night, Jason arrives for the cocktail party. He tells the women that last night was hard and says, "but tonight's a party."

Jillian is nervous about going into the rose ceremony for the first time without a rose. Jason tells her she's "the backbone" of the group and she explains she's been able to separate the Jason she sees in private and the one she has to share with the others. They kiss, but inside Megan says, "I just don't see them together."

Melissa apologizes for being so emotional this week and he tells here there's no need. She says she knows how she feels about him and that he makes her smile "for no reason." He cups her face in his hands as they kiss.

Megan admits that she sees potential with Jason, but is frustrated that she hasn't had one-on-one time with him. She feels she's invested more in him than anyone else in the house and tells him she's "stressing out." He advises her to just be confident and he asks if she knows how to waltz. When she says yes, he twirls and dips her.

Jason sits down with Shannon and Lauren. Lauren intends to chew Jason out for not giving her the rose on the group date. "Lauren gives me crap a lot," Jason says and pulls her aside to know what's going on. "Are you mad at me?" she asks. Jason says he didn't give her the rose because she told him instead of asking. "You want to kiss me," she laughs and says, "let's just get it over with." She pulls him to her and they kiss briefly. She's sure that she has the strongest connection with him, and that she and Jason "are getting married."

Host Chris arrives to announce that it's time for the rose ceremony. Jason tells them they all "blew me away tonight" and that he knows that emotions are running high.

Stephanie, Naomi and Molly already have roses. Jason gives the remaining roses to:Melissa


There is only one rose left, but instead of calling another name, Jason pauses and takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry," he says, putting the rose back. "I can't give out this final rose."

Megan, Lauren and Shannon all look stunned. He praises Megan for being "giving," Lauren for being "honest and real" and Shannon for being "a beautiful person," but says he can't lead any of them on.

Host Chris tells the women to say their goodbyes. "I respect your decision," Lauren says as she hugs him goodbye, but finds that his changing the rules was "unfair." "I'm sad, it sucks," she says of being sent home.

After falling for him on The Bachelorette, Shannon was sure that Jason was the perfect man, "I really thought Jason and I would have a connection," she says, but announces that she's going to give her puppy, "the biggest French kisses" when she gets home.

Megan was sure that the last rose was for her and is "shocked and surprised" that it wasn't. She admits to being "hurt and confused " and says she doesn't want to go home yet.

Inside, Jason toasts to "the five most wonderful girls I've ever met. One of you I will definitely spend my life with. I can see it."