Camila Cabello Launches Catchy Song 'Chanel No.5' Ahead of New Album Release

Before launching her fourth studio album 'C,XOXO', the 'I Luv It' songstress unleashes the 2-minute track, which is deemed 'so good and weird at the same time.'

AceShowbiz - Camila Cabello has unleashed a song that is deemed "catchy" by her fans. Around one week before launching her new album titled "C,XOXO", the "I Luv It" songstress unveiled "Chanel No.5".

On Friday, June 21, the 27-year-old singer/songwriter released the track on various music streaming platforms. In the beginning of the song, she sings, "I got Chanel No.5, he'll never survive, it's a crime, it's a crime/ He watch when I whine, I know, I know it's a crime/ I know what he likes, a cat eye, a black dress, it's just a reminder/ I'm seein' in desire arise in his eyes, so, lucky for them."

Camila goes on to rhyme, "Cute girl with a sick mind/ I know just how to play my cards right/ Wrist, wrist, spritz, spritz, make him come alive (Ah)/ Chanel No.5/ If I want him, he's all mine/ I know just how to f**k with his mind/ Wrist, wrist, spritz, spritz, make him come alive (Ah)/ Chanel No.5."

The former Fifth Harmony singer continues, "Fold for me like origami/ Magic and real like Murakami/ Red chipped nails, I'm wabi-sabi/ I'm the hеartbreaker, nobody's got me, yеt/ Make you tongue tied like new shibari/ Subtle and complex like umami/ Up to me like omakase/ I'm a wild horse and nobody's got me, yet."

After releasing the song, Camila received positive responses from her listeners. One in particular gushed, " 'Wrist wrist spritz spritz' is so catchy." Another chimed in, "This song is so good and weird at the same time! I LUV IT." A third exclaimed, "Ok, this song it's really good, this girl really made one of the best album for this year... i give her 10/10 with this."

"Chanel No.5" is expected to be the second track off Camila's upcoming fourth studio album "C,XOXO". The record, which will also feature her collaborative song with Drake, "Hot Uptown", and the Canadian hip-hop artist's solo interlude "Uuugly", is set to be dropped on June 28.

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