Jennifer Lopez Enjoys Solo Trip to Italy Amid Rumors of Ben Affleck Split Images/Janet Mayer

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's high-profile romance is under intense scrutiny, with her latest sighting in Italy adding fuel to their rumored marital woes.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, affectionately known as "Bennifer," have captivated the public with their whirlwind romance and, more recently, the intense scrutiny surrounding their marital status. The couple, who rekindled their relationship after nearly two decades and tied the knot in July 2022, now face relentless rumors suggesting an impending divorce.

Lopez, 54, was recently seen without Affleck, 51, during a trip to Italy, sparking further speculation about the couple's relationship. Sources told that the duo may drop the bombshell of their split by the 4th of July. Lopez reportedly feels their $65 million Bel-Air mansion is too large while Affleck finds it inconveniently far from his children in Brentwood, whom he co-parents with ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

The divorce rumors gained traction after Lopez's solo appearance at the Met Gala in early May, an event Affleck missed due to filming commitments. This absence set off a media frenzy, with publications like In Touch Weekly and TMZ suggesting the couple had been living separately. Despite these rumors, some sources maintain that Lopez and Affleck are working through their issues, emphasizing their busy schedules as a major strain on the relationship.

During a press panel in Mexico City for her new film "Atlas," Lopez snapped at a reporter's inquiry about the divorce rumors, stating, "You know better than that." Co-star Simu Liu quickly intervened, redirecting the conversation. This interaction drew mixed reactions on social media, with some defending Lopez's response and others accusing her of hypocrisy given her public sharing of personal details.

Lopez and Affleck's journey has been a rollercoaster. They first met in 2002 on the set of "Gigli," got engaged with a pink diamond ring, and split in 2004, citing media pressure. After high-profile marriages and subsequent divorces with other partners, they reunited in 2021, sparking renewed interest and support from fans. The couple married twice in 2022 - first in a quiet Las Vegas ceremony, then in a lavish celebration at Affleck's Georgia estate.

Despite their efforts to keep their relationship strong, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continue to face public speculation and intense media pressure. Whether working through their differences or living apart, Bennifer's story remains a compelling saga that captivates fans worldwide.

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