Austin Butler More Concerned About His Bike During Motorcycle Accident on 'The Bikeriders' Set
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The Oscar-nominated 'Elvis' actor recalls a minor setback while filming his upcoming period drama during a night shoot, but thankfully he sustained no injuries.

AceShowbiz - Academy Award nominee Austin Butler's latest venture into the world of cinema has been anything but smooth. The 32-year-old actor recently shared the harrowing experience of a motorcycle accident while filming "The Bikeriders", a period drama set in the turbulent 1960s. The film follows a local Midwestern motorcycle club as it evolves into a full-blown gang, with Butler portraying Benny, a stoic and cool member of the Vandals MC.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Butler recounted, "We were doing a night shoot and hit a patch of wet leaves, and I went down, but I thankfully landed on my feet. All I was thinking about was the bike, though. I just wanted to make sure that it was okay." This incident, although nerve-wracking, did not deter his enthusiasm for the movie or motorcycles.

Interestingly, Butler's love for motorcycles is a family affair. "My dad rode motorcycles, so I think it's been cool to get to talk about my dad a lot recently because he gave me that first love of motorcycles," he noted. The film not only allowed Butler to dive deeper into the biker culture but also brought him closer to his father, David Butler.

The London premiere added more layers to Butler's tale. In a conversation with Virgin Radio, he elaborated, "When you hit wet leaves on a motorcycle, it's like you're on ice. And so, the back tire just started to fishtail. I surfed the bike sideways for a while and then I jumped off, but I landed on my feet. I was okay!" The close call also gave him a chance to bond with co-star Norman Reedus and Stunt Coordinator Jeff Milburn over their shared passion for motorcycles.

The premiere on June 17 also saw Austin accompanied by his girlfriend, Kaia Gerber. The couple, who has been romantically linked since December 2021, seemed in high spirits during the afterparty, as reported by PEOPLE. Gerber was seen placing a hand lovingly on Butler's leg, and the two shared a kiss amidst the crowd.

With "The Bikeriders" set to hit theaters on June 21, audiences can expect an intense ride filled with high-stakes drama. And while Butler's brush with danger on set added a real-life thrill to the film, it's clear that his passion for motorcycles-and acting-remains unwavering.

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