Former NBA Star Nate Robinson Faces Life-Threatening Kidney Failure, Desperately Needs Transplant

Former NBA star Nate Robinson faces one of the toughest battles of his life as he desperately searches for a kidney transplant to save his life amid health crisis.

AceShowbiz - With an illustrious career spanning 11 seasons in the NBA and three Slam Dunk Contest titles under his belt, Nate Robinson's life now centers around his harrowing battle with kidney failure. Diagnosed with the disease in 2006 while playing for the New York Knicks, Robinson has been living with declining kidney function ever since.

"I felt like I was Superman. I never thought I would get sick," Robinson remarked in a candid interview with Men's Health.

Robinson ignored early warnings from doctors, continuing his NBA career until his final game in 2015. However, his health took a drastic turn for the worse in 2018, prompting him to retire from professional basketball altogether. "When I got back home to Seattle, I went straight to the hospital. It was bad, bro. I was in the hospital for a week. My body, my insides just… stopped working," Robinson revealed.

The former slam dunk champion now depends on dialysis three times a week to stay alive. "Some people's bodies reject dialysis. And thank God that mine accepts it and I can live," said Robinson. Without dialysis, he might not survive longer than a week or two. Despite the debilitating side effects including violent vomiting and cramps, Robinson pushes on with the hope of finding a kidney donor.

Unfortunately, Robinson's journey to find a kidney is fraught with challenges, especially considering the disparities faced by Black kidney-transplant recipients. "The Black people I know that go through this - [getting a kidney] is always harder for them. To get healthy, to get a kidney, to do anything. Our people go through tough times," Robinson pointed out.

Black patients generally experience longer transplant wait times and a higher risk of hospitalization and death compared to their white counterparts.

Living in the shadow of these grim statistics, Robinson focuses on the positives and cherishes every moment with his family and children. "The machine has been helping my longevity and my life right now. So I'm just enjoying the times where I do feel healthy," he shared as he witnessed his son, Nahmier Robinson, commit to play college football.

Robinson's relentless spirit shines through as he continues his fight against kidney failure. "I've never been a quitter. And I ain't gon' start now... My story doesn't end here," he affirms for his fans and loved ones, hoping to inspire others facing similar battles.

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