Taylor Swift Roasted Over Lackluster Dance Moves During 'Eras Tour'

The Grammy Award-winning pop star is mercilessly mocked for dancing like a child after someone posts a clip of the singer shaking her booty during a performance of 'You Belong With Me' at one of her concerts.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Swift's "Eras Tour" has seemingly lost its steam amid its ongoing European leg. The Grammy Award-winning artist has sold out tickets to her shows and continued to make headlines with updates from both her personal and professional lives, but her lackluster dance moves have earned her fair share of criticism lately.

The pop superstar has been mercilessly mocked after a social media user posted a video of the singer/songwriter dancing during one of her tour stops. In the clip, the 34-year-old is seen shaking her booty back and forth in an attempt to highlight her fringe gold outfit during a performance of "You Belong With Me".

Taylor appeared to have fun, goofing around onstage as she made a funny face. Audiences at the show were also captivated by her performance and were too excited to be distracted by Taylor's dance moves, singing along to the song instead.

Meanwhile, many users on X, formerly Twitter, were more harsh as they called out the "Fortnight" singer over her cringey dance moves. "She's so underrated as a dancer," someone captioned the video. Agreeing, another reposted the tweet and added, "This is how my 8-year-old cousin dances after 2 Dr. Peppers."

A third critic similarly commented, "my 2 yr old niece immediately after asking me for fruit snacks." Someone penned, "The video reminds one of when you attend your child's 4th grade dance competition."

"I've seen a cricket with better moves," a fifth person claimed, as another joked, "I feel like she wants to pee but cant say it." Another person wrote, "I don't understand why they don't hire someone to teach her how to move properly."

"she is a brilliant songwriter but dancing isn't really her thing," someone weighed in, while another enthused, "Someone get her a hula hoop." One other quipped, "This is how I dry myself off after I shower when I forget to grab a towel."

A dancer thought that Taylor's dance is still "cute," writing, "As a dancer myself, this is bad….. but cute? Almost like a child dancing to music and showing her parents lol." Someone else defended the singer as saying, "She's enjoying herself let her."

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