Diddy's Ex-Bodyguard Reveals How Cassie Fought Back During Intense Brawl With Rapper

Roger Bonds, who claims to have seen the Bad Boy Records founder 'punched' Cassie in the face, admits that he 'was happy' the 'Official Girl' singer defended herself during a fight with her then-boyfriend.

AceShowbiz - Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' former bodyguard is not done speaking on his alleged abusive behavior during his relationship with Cassie. Sitting down with DJ Vlad for an interview that was published on Thursday, June 13, Roger Bonds has dished on how the R&B singer defended herself during a fight with the embattled hip-hop mogul.

Roger said one time they had all been in a car when the former pair began to argue and things escalated beyond the point of return. He said he separated the two by putting Diddy in the front seat and Cassie in the backseat.

"Cassie had punched him in the face, rightfully. She punched him in the face and they started fighting," the ex-bodyguard shared. "In my mind, I was happy because I actually seen her fight back. In my mind I was happy."

Roger continued, "When we got to the house I pulled both of them out and at this time I was able to grab Puff and I was able to start walking him up the hill-we lived in Beverly Hills. And then Cassie ran behind me and she kicked him." He added, "When he went to chase her I grabbed him again and I was able to stop him."

Roger said Diddy and Cassie would always fight when they were high. "They would stay in the room for two, three days at a time doing nothing but getting a high. And when they came out the room, it was like a different person," he recalled. "Cassie would be like a whole different type of person. She was very quiet. She started really not talking and that's when I started realizing like she's at the point where she's just terrified."

He added that Diddy and Cassie "wouldn't do these type of things in the house most of the time," because they didn't want other people who lived in Diddy's house to see what they did.

Roger, who also claimed to have seen Diddy "punched" Cassie in the face, recounted Cassie's reaction at the moment, "It was almost like she was a little kid. Like she was embarrassed that it happened and I looked at him and when he know he does something wrong, Puff himself is like a little kid." He added, "You know he has a look on his face and then you know not to ask him about it. So I never asked him about it."

"If she talked to a guy too long, he would get upset and they next thing you know they was fighting," he divulged. "But around me he started to become conscious of what he was doing because I would always break it up."

Cassie sued Diddy in November 2023, alleging that he subjected her to a decade-long "cycle of abuse, violence and sex trafficking" during their relationship from 2007 to 2018. They settled the lawsuit one day after it was filed, but the rapper has since faced numerous lawsuits and similar allegations by other women.

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