Claudia Oshry Appears to Shade Taylor Swift Who Stopped Shows for Fans' Safety

The influencer, who is known to many as 'Girl With No Job,' sparks a debate with her bold assertion that artists might be overplaying their concern for fan safety during concerts.

AceShowbiz - Influencer Claudia Oshry, known to many as "Girl With No Job," has sparked a debate with her bold assertion that musicians might be overplaying their concern for fan safety during concerts.

In a TikTok video posted on June 10, Oshry questioned the authenticity of these gestures. She asked, "Do we feel like musicians, touring musicians, these days are stopping the show a lot to make sure fans are OK?"

Oshry suggested that these interruptions might be more about grabbing headlines than genuine concern. She pointed out, "Maybe people are just doing it for attention now. Like, [it's] a way to get news articles written about you. And it's, like, not genuine and the people are fine. Do we feel that way?" Her comments have led to a flood of responses from fans, some agreeing with her and others strongly opposing her view.

One prime example often cited in this context is Taylor Swift, who has been increasingly vigilant about fan safety during her record-breaking "Eras Tour". During a concert in Edinburgh, Scotland, Swift paused her performance multiple times to point out audience members in distress, ensuring they received help quickly. "We need help right in front of me, please, right in front of me," she said, according to a social media video from June 7. The following night, she interrupted her set four different times for similar reasons.

Likewise, Justin Timberlake halted his performance at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas, earlier this month to assist a fan, asking for the house lights and directing security to the needed area. After ensuring the situation was under control, he reassured the crowd, "Are we OK? No, no problem!"

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