Diddy's Son Quincy Sparks Concerns Among Fans After Sharing 'Cringey' Birthday Post

The 'Brotherly Love' actor, who has deleted all of his pictures from his Instagram account amid Diddy's ongoing legal troubles, gets dragged online for sharing a video of him wearing a clown makeup.

AceShowbiz - Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' son Quincy Brown was just trying to share his happines with fans, but he ended up sparking concerns instead. The "Brotherly Love" actor left some people worried about his well-being after posting "cringey" birthday photos and video on Instagram.

As he turned 33 on Tuesday, June 4, the singer unleashed a clip of himself wearing clown makeup on his face and a birthday hat. "Happy birthday/ happy birthday/ happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday," he sang the song. "I'm wishing me a happy birthday/ Wishing myself a happy birthday/ 'cause it's my birthday."

Many have since offered their two cents, with one writing, "This is a sign of depression, don't say I didn't warn yall." Another commented, "Something don't feel right…" A third argued, "Quincy babyyyy you loooook too good to be this cringe rn."

The criticism didn't stop there. More came forward with one person noting, "Bro Fire whoever told you this was a good idea…" Someone else chimed in, "It's giving midlife crisis uncleee." A different individual questioned, "Does anyone else find this kind of strange?" The other added, "Maybe he's actually not Happy on his Bday & if that's the case… I feel him cause it's way too much going on."

Quincy, who has deleted all of his pictures from his Instagram account amid Diddy's ongoing legal troubles, was seemingly unfazed by fans' reactions though. On Wednesday, he uploaded pictures of his younger self wearing the same clown makeup, prompting some users to write that his new video now "makes sense."

The latest post is now flooded with positive feedback. "Now I understand. That was a thing when my truly was a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Quincy," one person wrote, while another echoed, "Now I get why he did this theme, I really thought he was going for sad clown smh I hope he got to spend time with his friends and family to make him feel better!"

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