Bryan Cranston Reportedly in Talks With Marvel for Mystery Role

The 'Breaking Bad' actor, who has expressed his interest in Mister Sinister, has reportedly met with Marvel Studios for a mystery role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

AceShowbiz - Bryan Cranston, a renowned actor known for his exceptional performances in "Breaking Bad" and "Malcolm in the Middle", has sparked excitement among fans with reports of his meeting with Marvel Studios about a potential role in the MCU. While Marvel routinely holds general meetings with various actors, this news has ignited anticipation given Cranston's acclaimed work and expressed interest in comic book adaptations.

In the past, Cranston has expressed his desire to portray an antagonist who surpasses the intelligence of the protagonist, indicating his interest in playing a challenging and compelling character. He has also hinted at his fascination with Mister Sinister, a villain from the "X-Men" franchise, who he believes inspired his iconic character, Walter White.

Cranston has voiced his preference for playing original characters rather than reprising iconic roles, suggesting his potential interest in a unique and unexplored role within the MCU. With upcoming projects such as "The Fantastic Four," "Avengers 5," and the "X-Men" reboot on the horizon, fans speculate on the possibility of Cranston portraying Mister Sinister or another enigmatic character.

Despite the absence of official confirmation, the prospect of Bryan Cranston joining the MCU as a captivating antagonist or enigmatic ally is undoubtedly thrilling for fans of both the actor and the Marvel universe.

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