Top 5 Roman Reigns Movies You Can't Miss!
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Discover the top five must-watch Roman Reigns movies that you can't miss! Explore the famous actor's impressive filmography and find your next favorite film.

Roman Reigns, a powerhouse in the wrestling world, has also made significant strides in the film industry. Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply curious about his acting prowess, we've compiled a list of the top 5 Roman Reigns movies you can't miss! These films showcase his versatility and charisma, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

#1. "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw" (2019)

Overview: "Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw", directed by David Leitch, is a spin-off of the beloved Fast & Furious franchise. The movie stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in the lead roles, with Roman Reigns playing Mateo, Hobbs' (Dwayne Johnson) brother.

Plot: The film follows lawman Luke Hobbs and outcast Deckard Shaw, who team up to take down a cybergenetically enhanced villain. Roman Reigns' character, Mateo, adds a family touch to Hobbs' story, bringing in the Samoan spirit and culture.

Why You Should Watch: Roman Reigns' performance in "Hobbs & Shaw" is a testament to his adaptability and screen presence. The movie’s high-octane action scenes and enjoyable camaraderie between the characters make it a must-watch.

#2. "The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!" (2017)

Overview: Directed by Anthony Bell, "The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!" is an animated film that brings together the futuristic world of The Jetsons with the star-studded WWE Universe. Roman Reigns voices his animated counterpart in this entertaining crossover.

Plot: The Jetsons discover a wrestling robot who they bring to the future. However, chaos ensues when the robot turns against them. Roman Reigns and other WWE Superstars travel to the future to save the day.

Why You Should Watch: This film is a delightful watch for fans of animation and wrestling alike. Roman Reigns' voice performance brings his in-ring persona to life in a new and exciting way.

#3. "The Wrong Missy" (2020)

Overview: Netflix's "The Wrong Missy", directed by Tyler Spindel, is a comedy film featuring a star-studded cast including David Spade, Lauren Lapkus, and Roman Reigns, who plays Tatted Meathead, a tough and humorous character.

Plot: The story revolves around Tim Morris (David Spade), who accidentally invites the wrong woman, Missy, on a romantic getaway, leading to a series of hilarious and awkward situations.

Why You Should Watch: Roman Reigns' comedic timing in this film stands out, offering viewers a chance to see a different side of the wrestler-turned-actor. The movie's light-hearted humor and engaging storyline make it an enjoyable watch.

#4. "Countdown" (2016)

Overview: Directed by John Stockwell, "Countdown" is an action-packed thriller featuring WWE stars Dolph Ziggler and Kane. Roman Reigns makes a special appearance in this gripping film.

Plot: The film follows a detective who races against time to save a kidnapped boy whose life is on the line. Roman Reigns’ brief but impactful role adds to the movie's thrilling narrative.

Why You Should Watch: Roman Reigns' cameo is a treat for fans, and the film’s intense storyline keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. This action-thriller is a must-watch for those who enjoy high-stakes drama.

#5. "GQ Sports Video Series" (2019-2020)

Overview: While not a traditional movie, Roman Reigns' appearances on the "GQ Sports Video Series" are noteworthy. These videos offer an in-depth look into the life and career of the WWE superstar, providing fans with a unique perspective.

Content: Roman Reigns discusses various aspects of his career, training regimes, and personal life. The series features him in a relaxed, candid setting, demonstrating his down-to-earth personality.

Why You Should Watch: This series is a must-watch for fans interested in gaining behind-the-scenes insights into Roman Reigns' life. It showcases his authenticity and commitment to his craft, making it engaging and informative.


Roman Reigns has successfully transitioned from being a renowned WWE superstar to making his mark in the world of cinema. The top 5 Roman Reigns movies highlighted above showcase his versatility as an actor and his ability to captivate audiences beyond the wrestling ring. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer, these films are sure to offer an entertaining experience. So, grab some popcorn and immerse yourself in the diverse roles of Roman Reigns!

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