DC Young Fly Shares BBL Advice With Fans in the Wake of His Partner Jacky Oh's Death

The 31-year-old actor/comedian, who shares three young children with his late partner, discusses her tragic death during an appearance on the 'Funky Friday with Cam Newton' podcast.

AceShowbiz - DC Young Fly has learned his lesson. Months after his longtime partner Jacky Oh passed away following cosmetic surgery, the comedian shared advice regarding BBL with his fans in a recent interview.

The 31-year-old discussed his partner's tragic death on the "Funky Friday with Cam Newton" podcast. "I get why women want to enhance themselves, but fellas, we have to do more on just continuously telling our women that they're beautiful," he said.

"We have to continuously tell them that they're gorgeous. Don't make your woman feel like, she has to go do something–even if you f**king with another chick," he continued. "You just love a woman-that's it."

As for his advice for women, DC encouraged them to "listen to your man." He continued, "Even with that going on, right, this is what I'm reminded of everyday. If you look at it, bro, the women [and] the rate of the BBLs...If you look at the women today, it's a lot of women who have BBLs when you go outside. So I'm constantly reminded, like, they made it. There go another big booty... She made it. Go in the club, oh, these motherf**kers in here made it."

"So we have to got to continue to go through the stages and understand that that just how it is," DC further elaborated. "You got the rest of your life [...] What you gonna do from this situation?"

DC, however, clarified, "I'm not going to sit here and tell somebody don't do what they want to do. But if you got a woman just continuously to tell her that she's gorgeous, continuously to tell her that she's beautiful and whatever happens after that, it happens." He went on, "People make decisions as a unit, you have to live with that as a unit. I can't sit here and say 'I'm against nothing. Oh, I'm wit it!' As a unit, I took a loss."

Jacky died on May 31 during a trip to Miami, where she reportedly got a "mommy makeover." In late September, it was confirmed that her cause of death was complications from cosmetic surgery.

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