SZA Gets Massive Ovation After Expressing Solidarity With Palestine at New Zealand Show

The 'Kill Bill' songstress receives supportive reactions from concertgoers after declaring 'Free Palestine' when hitting the stage to perform her hits in New Zealand.

AceShowbiz - International stars are using their platforms to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, calling for an end to violence and human rights abuses. SZA, currently one of the music industry's biggest stars, recently expressed her support for freeing Palestine during a concert in New Zealand. She received a massive ovation when she declared, "Free Palestine!" during her performance. SZA's actions follow a trend of celebrities and musicians using their influence to address social and political issues.

In a separate incident, Victoria Monet used her platform at the 2024 Coachella Festival to speak out against war, hate, and genocide. Monet has been a vocal proponent of a ceasefire in Gaza, where the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has resulted in significant human casualties and displacement.

These artists join a growing list of individuals in the entertainment industry who have expressed solidarity with Palestine. Others include Tyler, the Creator, Macklemore, and The Weeknd.

However, the Grammys has faced criticism for its perceived bias in the Israel-Palestine conflict. In October 2023, the Recording Academy, which organizes the Grammys, expressed sympathy only with Israel after a Hamas attack. Many music lovers accused the Academy of overlooking the suffering of civilians in Gaza.

Despite the controversy, calls for an end to violence and a resolution to the conflict continue to resonate. Artists and fans alike are using their voices to demand peace and justice for all those affected by the bloodshed.

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