Chrissy Teigen Defends Jeff Bezos' Fiancee Against Controversial Restaurateur's Nasty Comment

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model stands up for Lauren Sanchez after Balthazar owner Keith McNally calls the Amazon founder's longtime partner 'revolting.'

AceShowbiz - Chrissy Teigen isn't letting a mean troll destroy another woman. The model has got Lauren Sanchez's back after restaurateur Keith McNally made an unwarranted comment about the fiancee of Jeff Bezos.

The British-born restaurateur blasted the former news anchor out of the blue on Monday, May 15. Posting on his Instagram page photos of Lauren and Jeff at various events, he expressed his disgust at her by calling her "revolting."

"Does anybody else find Jeff Bezos' New wife [sic] - Lauren Sanchez - ABSOLUTELY REVOLTING?" so the Balthazar owner wrote in the caption. "What an ugly and F**king SMUG - LOOKING couple they make," he added. "Is this what having 1000 Billion dollars does to people?"

Chrissy quickly took to the comments section to voice her disagreement. "She's actually incredibly dynamic, accomplished and kind," the "Cravings" cookbook author wrote of Lauren, "and everyone who knows her would say the same."

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle also came to the former entertainment reporter's defense. "I think she's accomplished, kind, smart and loved. Social media is fun, but this is not," she wrote. "It is just mean for no reason. If we all took a breath and thought about what it feels like to be mocked and teased, we'd do a lot less of it."

A woman, who claims to be Lauren's "sister," responded, "Hello there. This is my sister you are talking about. A human being. A mother of three young children. In intelligent and accomplished woman. One of the kindest most loving people in the world. This is cruel and hurtful."

Another social media user wrote in the comment, "Wow. How sad…Balthazar USED to be our fave." Blasting Keith, someone else penned, "there are literally a billion other things we could criticise about billionaires - can we leave the sexist remarks about women's bodies out of it?"

Lauren has not responded to Keith's comment, but he is not stranger to making controversial remarks. Back in January, he supported Woody Allen, who was accused of sexually assaulting his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow. "If I don't come out of this alive I'd like to say a big F**K OFF right now to everybody on Instagram who criticized me for supporting the INNOCENT Woody Allen," he wrote alongside photos of himself lying in a hospital bed before undergoing surgery for a kidney stone.

Late last year, the New York City-based restaurateur also came under fire after asking his followers to "listen to the other side" after the terrorist attacks against Israel. He later recanted his statement, strongly condemning Hamas and its terror activities.

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